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Holiday in Malaysia With Kids : Petrosains Suria KLCC

Holiday with Kids in KL - Petrosains Discovery Centre at Level 4 Suria KLCC

Whether you are in Kuala Lumpur on a holiday with kids in tow or you are living in Kuala Lumpur and looking for activities for kids in Kuala Lumpur to spend the weekend or your day off, one of Kuala Lumpur attractions for kids that you should not miss is Petrosains The Discovery Centre at Level 4 Suria KLCC.

KL with Kids - at Petrosains Discovery Centre

Holiday with Kids in KL - Discovering electricity at Petrosains Discovery Centre

We have been to KLCC many a times for shopping and dining and have even visited Aquaria KLCC three times during our 2 year stay here with our kids but have always give Petrosains, The Discovery Centre a miss (probably because of the huge crowd that's always around) but today since the weather was warm and sunny and it was too hot to play in the park, we decided to detour to KLCC and check out Petrosains. A quick google search for opening hours and admission information (since it's Chinese New Year today and we didn't know whether they would be open) reveals that they operate a time-ticketing system and it's best to call ahead to book the tickets to avoid disappointment. When I called in, they are only selling the 2.30pm tickets onwards and it's only 12.30pm. We thought that it would be a long wait but lunch with three boisterous boy and an exasperating trip to the toilet to change my 21 months old boy's soiled nappy proved otherwise. 

Holiday with Kids in KL - Busy at the Petroleum Platform

Holiday with Kids in KL - child at work alert!

I can rant on and on about how un-child friendly Suria KLCC's baby changing facilities are, I find it quite absurd that the parents room are only at the far end corner of the Suria KLCC Shopping Centre considering how big Suria KLCC shopping centre is and the other baby changing station at the centre of the mall is a premium toilet that charges RM2 per admission, not that I mind paying the RM2 if the facilities provided are top notch. I paid RM2 for a baby changing station that provides only 1 matress and a super small sink that is only big enough to rinse your hand and maybe a 3 months old baby's butt. It also didn't help that their toilets are not equipped with the normal water hose but rather a bidet that sometimes shoots water so weak you can't even clean yourself properly let alone a 21 months old boy who can't balance properly on a toilet bowl. 

Activities for Kids in KL - Energy Transfer

Activities for Kids in KL - Energy Transfer at Petrosains

Luckily, Petrosains Discovery Centre more than make up for the awful toilet experience at Suria KLCC and the day ended with a happy note. When we first arrived at Petrosains Discovery Centre, we thought the receptionist meant to say 2 hours maximum instead of 2 hours minimum in reply to our question about how long will it take us to explore the attraction. Only when you are inside will you know how huge the place is and how interactive it is (for an attraction that is situated in a shopping mall). My kids really enjoyed going through all the exhibits one by one and we practically had to drag them from one exhibit to the other. Just when we thought we had covered most of the attraction, we realized that we have only covered 50% of the attraction and we've been in Petrosains Discovery Centre for slightly over two hours! huhu..We had to rush the kids through the remaining last leg of the attraction as we have to perform our Asr and meet my parents for dinner at Kg Baru. If you have kids aged 2 years and above and are wondering where can you go to keep your kids occupied, Petrosains Discovery Centre is the place to head to when it's raining or the sun is just too hot. If let be, the kids can spend almost half a day there happily I think. These are just some of the pictures that I took there, they represent just a small scale of the numerous hands on activities for the kids at the attraction. You need to go to Petrosains Discovery Centre yourself to see all that it has to offer. I would say that the exhibits here are in better condition than KL National Science Centre

A popular exhibit, the digger- this one is out of service

Kids do not want to give up this one easily!

KL with kids - Experimenting with the gears

Holiday in KL with kids at Petrosains Discovery Centre

KL Kids activities - time for some ball! at Petrosains Discovery Centre

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