Friday, October 3, 2014

Waroeng Iga @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

makan makan the strand
Halal indonesian restaurant @ Kota Damansara - Waroeng Iga @ The Strand Red Carpet Avenue

It was a weekend and we wanted to eat out but don't want to brave the crowd of The Curve nor 1 Utama.. Publika's a bit off the way for us now, so I am trying to find good halal restaurants in Kota Damansara, however after googling a few search terms such as "makan best Kota Damansara" "restoran sedap kota damansara" "halal restaurants kota damansara".. i gave u and told hubby lets just go to the strand area and see what's there..

After walking around The Strand quite a bit, checking out their cinema, the little gym and the supermarket.. we looked at the directory and narrowed down to two "Waroeng Iga" and Tranquerah (melaka nyonya cuisine)..we weren't sure whether Tranquerah is halal or not so we headed to Waroeng Iga first (Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand - the one where its near the open air / fountain area outside the main shopping building) Waroeng Iga was spacious and nicely decorated, not many patrons though, we had to ask the waiter whether they are halal and they said yes. So, waroeng iga it is then..

The kids straight away said that they are thirsty but they don't like teh sosro, however waroeng iga also carry fruit teas in tetra paks so we tried those instead and the kids love it -phew- 

makan sedap kota damansara
Fruit Tea @ Waroeng Iga - The Strand

Hubby ordered ribs (what else) since they said ribs are their specialty. So ribs in spicy sauce was what he chose, which leaves me to order something that the kids can eat, so I ordered sweet and sour chicken, oxtail soup and salad. Hubby also ordered a drink I think it was es teler while I chose jus jeruk (orange juice).

I didn't really like the es teler (picture above) cos its coconut with jackfruit and cincau. I like coconut but I don't think the combination of coconut + jackfruit works and I am not a fan of cincau. 

best halal restaurant kota damansara
Iga Balado @ Waroeng Iga, The Strand

The iga balado (ribs in spicy sauce) was really nice, sweet and juicy and tender, yummy! spicy yes but still irresistible!

makan best the strand
Sweet and sour chicken@ Waroeng Iga - The Strand

The sweet and sour chicken was a bit spicy but tolerable for my kids, chicken is huge and crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. Another winner.. portion is too big for us though..

good food near sri kdu international school
Lalapan, sup buntut and rice @ Waroeng Iga @ The Strand

The oxtail soup was refreshing but the carrot was a bit raw, and the salad comes with a very very spicy chilli paste, I left the chilli paste untouched except for the first taste and  I find that the portion of the salad is also very big since I had to eat it on my own without husband's help :p 

makan makan waroeng iga kota damansara
Fried noodles @ Waroeng Iga - The Strand

And.. as always.. mee goreng for the no 1 boy.. also big portion, he ate maybe 1/3 of it then said he was full.. this dish tasted quite average.

Overall, it was a nice lunch and quite filling too..  I wish that there will be more halal dining options at The Strand soon.

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