Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pretend Play with the kids @ The City Indoor Playground- Liang Court

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The City : Pretend Play Singapore..

Okaaaay.. so it's been a while since we brought the kids to an indoor playground cos I think they are big enough to use their imagination and play with the toys at home and entertaining themselves jumping, and pretending to punch and kick each other. Plus I thought that my 6 year old will now find indoor playgrounds boring u know? But last two weekends, while back in Singapore, we found ourselves with a few hours to spare with the kids and hubby said "Let's bring them out somewhere." and I said "Where to? The Bird Park?" and hubby said "It's very hot leh.. how about just an indoor playground?" So I said okaaaay.. "let's try The City @ Liang Court though I'm pretty sure they will be bored after 1 hour.." And hubby said (You guessed It!) "Where the heck is Liang Court???" ok ok not his exact words but you get it :p

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Singapore with Kids : Dressing up as police and handcuffing the mommy @ The City - Liang Court

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Singapore With Kids: My little doc mcstuffins!

Liang Court, small shopping centre at River Valley area, not a lot of people but  not much parking space either, we were lucky we got a spot. The City was at level 3 and what struck me first was "errm.. it's quite small leh" and there was a birthday party going on so I wasn't sure if my kids would get a chance to play with the toys cos The City is not an indoor playground with slides and such, rather its a pretend play area where kids can role play as a cashier at a mini market, a hairdresser at a salon, a doctor at a clinic, a policeman, a chef or some superheros. Turns out it was ok cos the birthday party had an organized activities that was separate from the other users. 

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Singapore with Kids: Pretending to be chefs at a cafe @ The City ; Liang Court

My boys had fun especially at the mini market area, the cafe and the doctor's clinic. They didn't bother to try the salon, and after a while they decided to try on the various costumes on the rack, mummy was a bit apprehensive cos the costumes didn't look like they have been laundered recently and some were really torn but the kids don't seem to care, happily trying on one after another while mummy delegated the changing to daddy cos she kept sneezing whenever she was near the costumes!

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Singapore with Kids:  Look at that concentration! @ The City; Liang Court

@The City - Liang Court Singapore

After 1 hour, we said it's time to go back but they wanted to stay a while longer so we stayed for another 30 minutes, they spent the last 20 minutes at the classroom area and a last role play as cashiers before we headed home. 

I was quite surprised that they enjoyed the trip to The City, my 4 year old said he wants to go again.. We went there on the weekend so the entrance fee was $22 per child for 2 hours play, don't forget to bring your socks!

kidzania singapore
Singapore With Kids : The very happy batman and the very serious superman @ The City; Liang Court

The City is at #03-04A Liang Court
177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6250 6507
Opens: 10am -7pm Daily