Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halal Food @ Takashimaya - Breeks Cafe

It's no secret that my family and I love to go to Takashimaya whenever we are back in Singapore, the hubby gets to do a spot of shopping (though I totally hate this part cos there are no seats for waiting at the Men's department and hubby takes ages whenever he shops while I have to deal with two complaining boys "I'm tired.. I'm tired.. i'm tired" in repeat mode or even worse two screaming boys running up and down the aisle and jumping and kicking at each other) the kids get to go crazy at the mind boggling toys department, where else in Singapore can you still find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Ooze? and to think I ordered online from UK!  and me? I like to look around their shoes department for comfy flats :) 

The downside of Takashimaya for muslims like us is the lack of delicious halal food options. Like really..you will be asking what options? You either go for the fast food at the basement 1 (KFC, McDonald's) or maybe Delifrance or Beanstro (ok so I didn't know there was Beanstro @ B1 if not I would definitely eat there). That leaves us with Pepes (I heard its now closed) Seoul Garden (definitely NOT RECOMMENDED) and Breeks Cafe all at Level 5.

We chose Breeks cos well erm there was no other choice? Plus I remembered eating at Breeks at the airport eons ago (like errr before getting married) and I liked the sandwiches. Turns out they don't serve sandwiches anymore, menu has been scaled down from what I vaguely remembered. But, at least there's pasta for the kids to eat. So, we ordered :

halal food changi airport breeks
Halal food @ Takashimaya : Breeks Cafe (Octopus cheese croquettes)

I wasn't really hungry so I went for appetiser which is tako cheese croquettes, it was oozy with some bits of octopus and all I can remember is I liked the salad.

halal food ngee ann city
Halal food @ Takashimaya - Breeks Cafe (Seafood Marinara)

Seafood marinara for the kids, this was surprisingly easy on the tastebuds, I was expecting something out of a jar but the sauce tasted like it has been cooked and simmered with some care, so while it's not the most amazing marinara sauce ever, it was still better than expected.

singapore halal food blog
Halal food @ Takashimaya : Breeks Cafe (Ribeye steak)

I kept telling hubby to spare himself the disappointment and stop ordering steak from places that does not specialize in steaks. I mean really you can't expect much from a steak that cost less than SGD25. All I can say is, for the price, it is acceptable.

singapore makan
Breeks Cafe @ Takashimaya (Chocolate Ripple)

 Chocolate Ripple for the kids, the serving was huge for SGD7.20, we couldn't really finish it.

makan makan halal singapore
Breeks Cafe and Nutella Milkshake

Drinks were Iced Lemon Tea and Nutella Milkshake. The milkshake was creamy and sinful and my 6 year old loved it (this is partly the reason we can't finish the sundae cos too much sugar!)

Breeks Cafe is at:

Ngee Ann City