Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day trip from KL with kids: PD Ostrich Farm and Teluk Kemang

port dickson ostrich farm
PD Ostrich Farm : You can ride this ostrich if you are brave enough!

It was Diwali holiday and I wanted to do something with the kids, so I asked hubby if he would kindly drive us to Port Dickson to visit the PD Ostrich Farm and later let the kids play by the beach at Teluk Kemang and he obliged :) The kids were pretty excited but I told hubby we should not have high expectations since reviews on tripadvisor were pretty bad. Still, for families staying in KL with small kids and nothing better to do on a public holiday, I would say that it's worth a trip to spend some family time together.

cuti cuti port dickson
Daytrip from KL with kids : PD Ostrich Farm

tempat wisata menarik port dickson
PD Ostrich Farm

We arrived at PD Ostrich Farm at about 12.30pm I guess, luckily the weather was slightly cloudy, if not I'm pretty sure it would have been scorching. The entrance fee was RM42 for 2 adults and 2 kids and we bought some food to feed the goats and ostriches. 

burung PD ostrich farm
Burung Puyuh @ PD Ostrich Farm

cuti cuti port dickson
Jalan-jalan Port Dickson @ PD Ostrich Farm

Truthfully, we came with no expectations so the condition of the place was not an issue for us, I actually found the place to be quite nicely maintained and the animals were not crowded in small dirty enclosure as I thought they would cos a review in tripadvisor by an animal activist from Hong Kong "was appalled by the conditions in PD Ostrich Farm". Most of the animals in PD Ostrich Farm are domesticated animals fowls, goats and donkeys. I only saw a very sad looking camel that was donated to the PD Ostrich Farm after it was sold to a meat slaughter house when the mini zoo it was in was closed down. So, yeah in conclusion, the visit to PD Ostrich Farm was not so bad after all, the kids by the way enjoyed themselves tremendously. They avoided the ostrich (the irony of it) cos they are scared but they enjoyed feeding the goats and the fowls like they were in a kampung. 

day trip from kl with kids ideas
Feeding the goats at PD Ostrich Farm

My adventurous 4 year old sat on a donkey and rode a horse while my timid 6 year old was very much contented with feeding the chickens. The rabbits weren't particularly hungry. 

port dickson attractions
PD Ostrich Farm : A child can seat on this donkey for free

PD Ostrich Farm : You have to pay for a horse right though (RM5)
We saw the eggplant tree and also starfruit and we started feeding the geese with the fallen starfruits much to their delight (cos they were in an enclosure and no one wants to feed them while only a few starfruits fell inside their enclosure and most of it fell outside their enclosure)

My 6 year old also was mesmerized with the mimosa plant and spent a good 10 minutes just poking its leaves to see it fold inwards and we had to drag him away cos it was getting too hot!

We didn't try the ostrich satay nor stand on the ostrich egg though. 

weekend kids kuala lumpur day trips
PD Ostrich Farm : My kid tried to feed the chicks but the feed is to big for them.

places of attractions in KL with kids
PD Ostrich Farm: I think these are ducklings? 

Just in case you need to know how the entrance look like before heading there: 

PD Ostrich Farm is at: Lot 1419, Jalan Kemang 13, 71050 Port Dickson

Afterwards, we headed to Teluk Kemang for some sand play. It was our first time in Teluk Kemang and we didn't know where to head to, we just parked at the first empty spot and then went passed the shops, the guy there then greeted us and asked us if we wanted a table, apparently you have to pay RM20 for a table near the beach and RM30 for a cabana. Since it was quite hot I didn't want to sit out in the open with no shade so we took the cabana, it came with a small table and 5 chairs , so we chilled out in the shade while the kids brave the heat for some sand fun.

kuala lumpur beach nearest
Daytrip from KL with kids: Beautiful beach @ Teluk Kemang; Port Dickson

port dickson berkelah
Daytrip from KL with Kids : Beach fun @ Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson

teluk kemang port dickson public beach
Daytrip from KL with kids : Sand play @ Teluk Kemang