Wednesday, December 16, 2015

(Another) Halal Cafe at Arab Street - Krave

Well.. actually not exactly Arab Street but Bali Lane.. but you get it. :p I was at Arab Street last month as I wanted to get some fabrics and lunch time came and baby was very fussy so I needed a place where I can sit and if possible feed baby discretely. I had wanted to try The Lab but found out that there was a queue so I decided to head to Krave instead. Krave is at 28 Bali Lane and is also a few steps away from "And Why" cafe, the sister cafe of "I am" (what is it with the names?)

Set up is cool and hip I guess but I am too old to even bother about "hip and cool" I just want good food and a comfortable place! Lol We managged to get a seat at the second floor (which fits about maybe 20 pax max), the first floor was full and we were glad we didn't decide on Al-Fresco cos it rained heavily just as we were finishing up our food!

We ordered:

krave review bali lane
Kraving Ayam Bakar

I ordered this dish as it came recommended. Basically it's ayam bakar in peanut sauce with 4 small cubes of rice cakes (mine was cold) I think the chicken portion is quite big, but it is juicy and tender. I do not like the sauce even though I am a huge fan of anything with nuts but this sauce to me is a bit runny with the tamarind taste being a tad too overpowering for my liking. It's just a so-so dish for me. 

halal food singapore arab street
Salmon Au Fromage @ Krave - Bali Lane

Hubby ordered Salmon Au Fromage, since he is trying to eat healthy. Another so-so dish for us, no WOW factor, sauce is ok, mashed potato was ok.. salmon was ok.. edible but forgettable. Sorry... did we come with too high an expectation? 

Ok I forgot whether this is Chicken Alfredo or Chicken Carbonara

My friend ordered the pasta.. and truth to be told, I think this is the only dish that I felt was slightly above average and quite nice. It's creamy with thin shavings of cheese on top that isn't too strong. Nice.

krave cafe review
Chempedak Creme Brulee @ Krave

 I love creme brulee, but truth to be told I find the combination weird and didn't want to order this, was disappointed they didn't even offer a classic one, but hubby went down to "look see" and ordered this for fun -hmmph-  Apparently it is super famous but we do not like the pairing.

Drinks @ Krave

Okaay.. by this time I'm like as long as we don't go hungry.. drinks were ordinary.. nothing special.. When I ordered I thought Ill be getting fresh juice (cold pressed preferred huhu) I wasn't expecting a bottled juice (imported). 

Okay.. the place is really bustling with young folks and a good number of them are non-muslims.. so I guess people do find the food nice? Or is it just a cool place to hang out? For myself.. I wouldn't come back again pretty soon since the food didn't really make me hyperventilate. Really sad though, wish the chef would turn the food up a few notches cos the service staff were really nice and cleanliness is also good. 

Krave is at 

Opening hours:

Monday - Closed
Tues- Thu & Sun : 11.30am -10pm
Fri & Sat :11.30am - 11pm
Kitchen Closed 4.45pm - 6pm daily

Reservations via FB page only, 3 days in advance. 
FB Page: Krave