Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Halal Pancakes @ East Village (Bedok) - Sarah's Pancake Cafe

Note to readers: This place has since closed down.

Ok.. this is a very belated review cos we went to Sarah's Pancake Cafe like a month before I popped, waaaaay before Paddington House of Pancake got their halal cert n Singapore. We went here cos we were back in Singapore for a wedding and when checking out the traffic conditions on the causeway and Tuas when we were planning to cross the border, we found out that the jam was massive because of the public holiday. So we decided to wait it out and headed to Sarah's for pancakes. 

We were very lucky to get a table mind you, the place is so small, I think it fits only about 6-8 tables inside and there are maybe 2 tables outside the cafe. I don't think this place is suitable for a big party. 

I have to say that we are a bit biased cos we are regular customers of Paddington House of Pancakes in PJ haha.. so all pancakes get compared to theirs and their massive selections  

1st: the selection isn't that much, 2nd some items on the menu were "finished" on that day such as egg benedict and their shoestring fries, so I ordered Al-Istanbul (I think - pardon my then-prego brain) and I don't even know what hubby ordered, I think it's just pancakes and he added mushrooms, bacon and scrambled eggs except that the waiter forgot to give us the eggs  No 2 ordered carbonara (what else) and no 1 ordered pancakes with ice cream. We didn't order drinks except for lemon tea.

singapore sarah's pancake bedok halal
Halal Pancakes Singapore @ Sarah's Pancake Cafe @ Bedok East Village

That's my dish, I have to say that the pancakes are pretty good and pairs -surprisingly well- with the hummus and I liked the sausage as well. Veges were bland though.

Sarah's Pancake Cafe at East Village (Bedok)

This was hubby's it was ok.. average. not bad..but nothing special.

Halal food at Bedok's East Village - Sarah's Pancake Cafe

My kiddo's carbonara - his verdict 

Halal Pancakes @ Sarah's Pancake Cafe @ East Village

My no 1 kiddo's order.. he said the pancakes are ok but he didn't like the ice cream.

Sarah's PAncake Cafe's interior 

This is like 80% of the dining space inside the cafe. You can imagine how small it is. 

Ok.. our verdict was.. small place, food is ok (or dare I even say so-so?) so hmm maybe a place to head to if my no 2 who is pancake crazy requests for pancakes at any time of the day after 11 am (cos McDonald's breakfast ends at 11 am mah ) or if we are nearby and don't really have something specific in mind to eat and we don't have to queue for it :) 

Sarah's Pancake Cafe is at : 

East Village #01-62, 430 Upper Changi Road 

Opening Hours : 

9.00 am - 10.00 pm Daily except for Fridays 9.00am - 11.00am, 2.30pm-11.30pm

Map of Sarah's Pancake Cafe:

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