Friday, December 18, 2015

Halal Food Singapore : I am Cafe @ Arab Street

Okaayyyy.. back in Singapore during the kids holidays and lil Sis (who mind u is no longer lil) wanted to eat burgers so off we head to I am Cafe at Arab Street (exact location is 647 North Bridge Road #01-01, off Haji Lane) in easier terms, its the first shop at haji lane at golden landmark end. 

We went at 11.30 am on a Saturday cos we were hungry (lol) and I brought my lil baby who was 4 months old (at that time) along. The place is a bit cramped and since it was hot and sunny and there is no A/C, you kind of get thirsty and sweaty. Very lil maneuvering space too, thank goodness I did not bring a stroller. 

We went straight to business, if I was with my husband or without my baby I would have ordered a few appetizers but since my hubby wasn't there to finish off the leftovers and my baby was there fidgeting.. I settled for only the prawns as appetizers. 

singapore cafe halal
Halal Food Singapore : I am Cafe @ Arab Street

The prawns were described as Jumbo and juicy.. well they are certainly ain't shrimps but well maybe Jumbo is very subjective haha.. plus it's only $14.90 for 6 pieces so it can't possibly be that big right? this is a pretty simple dish, prawns kinda sticking to its shell, flesh isn't that thick and the butter sauce needs more kick. 

makanan halal di singapura
Halal Food Singapore: I am Cafe @ Arab Street

I ordered Chicken Satay Burger just because I love satay haha.. this literally tasted like eating satay in a bun. Peanut sauce is good and satay marinade is also nice, slightly above average satay burger.Not too bad.

halal singapore food
Halal Food Singapore : I am Cafe @ Arab Street

Lil Sis ordered Big Bear Beef Burger, basically humongous beef patty with sunny side egg, lettuce and tomato. I am not sure what sauce they used but sis said it was pretty okaaay.. not outstanding or dreamy but not too bad either.

Drinks were lemon tea for sis, chai latte for me (tea spices was weak and too milky for my liking) then we were still thirsty cos of the weather, so we ordered lychee mojito and bushramint. Waited nearly 15 minutes without the drinks appearing and we were getting more thirsty by the minute, decided to cancel and just buy water from nearby 7-11 just as we were paying, they came and apologized (technical problems- dunno what) and said they won't be charging us for the 2 drinks and will pack it for us. Waited another 5 minutes for the drinks to be packed and off we went. Lychee Mojito was so-so also but I really liked the Bushramint such a delight in the hot weather! 

There was a lady seated besides us with her small daughter and she ordered pizza and sandwich, I doubt that kids will like the bread that I am cafe use for their sandwich and the pizza dough is the crispy kind not the soft hand tossed kind, so if you are going with kids, I think pastas are the best choice and also go only if your kids are well-behaved and not the sort who needs to run around cos there is no space to run around 

Good place to hang out with friends and buddies but not advisable for families with kids.

I am Cafe's opening hours:

Mon- Thu: 11.30 am - 11.00pm
Fri & Sat : 11.30 am - 1.00am
Sun : 11.30 am - 10.00pm

Closed: on every 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month 

Tel: +65 6295 5509

FB Page: I am Cafe

I am Cafe's address:  674 North Bridge Road #01-01


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