Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kampung Pandan Eats: Taharah Seafood

Thinking of what to eat for dinner at Kuala Lumpur? Tired of the fancy expensive Kuala Lumpur restaurants? Overpriced chinese seafood restaurant not your favorite flavour? Klang Valley and Pantai Remis too far out to travel? Why not go off the beaten tourist track and check out one of the locals favorite laid back halal seafood restaurant - thai style. 

I have heard that Kampung Pandan is a place where one can find good food and one of the more popular restaurants there is Taharah Seafood but coaxing hubby to try it our was a bit difficult until his colleagues brought him there for lunch one day, and excitedly he mentioned to me that there is one good restaurant serving delicious food in Kampung Pandan that he wants to take me to. I asked; "Which restaurant is that?" and he said: "Taharah Seafood." ooohhkaay.. haven't I been trying to make you bring me there for dinner to try the food?...

So, off we went that night, with our two sleepy kids, to Taharah Seafood at Kg Pandan. Parking was at the road side, bring your mosquito repellent along too.. Restaurant is big enough and busy with patrons. We ordered our usual seafood fave dishes; Tempura Prawns, Tempura Squids, Tom Yum Seafood and the must have sea bass; the waitress recommended Siakap Dua Jiwa. Waiting time was abut 20 minutes. 

Taharah Seafood Kg Pandan's Tempura Prawns ; Yummylicious!

The drinks came, nothing outstanding.. and the food came.. hmm.. I really like the tempura prawns and squids, the servings are small though, I felt like I can finish both by myself :p just blogging about it makes me crave for more.. the tempura is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, no taste of Maggi seasoning that you can sometimes detect in some restaurants Tempura Prawns or Squids and the prawns are just the right size and de-veined just the way I like it. The chilli sauce is the normal Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, the raw cabbage and carrots accompaniment was not crispy fresh but still edible.

Dinner at Kuala Lumpur at Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan: Tempura Squids

Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan's Tom Yum; Spicy and Creamy

The Tom Yum soup was pleasing, spicy, sour and slightly creamy with coconut milk. It came with prawns (small ones) squids and some vegetables. Hubby finished it up.

Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan: Siakap 2 Jiwa Steamed side

The Siakap Dua Jiwa is seabass cut in half and cooked in two ways; one half is crispy fried and topped with thick, spicy, sweet sauce.. yummy.. while the other half is steamed and topped with clear sauce that is both sour and spicy. It was a new experience for us as we don't really favour steamed fish but the fish was fresh, the flesh white and tender and the sauce really brings out the flavor of the fish.This is one steamed fish that manage to seduce my tastebud.

Taharah Seafood Kampung Pandan : The Siakap 2 Jiwa - crispy fried with spicy chilli sauce side

Dinner at Taharah Seafood was a relaxed affair but the food was so nice, I keep longing to break fast there during this Ramadhan. I guess I just have to wait till after Eid to eat there again as I am pretty sure the restaurant will be packed with locals around that area and with parking headache and traffic issues during peak hours (we need to pass by KL city to get to Kg Pandan from our place), no food however nice is worth that headache :)

Taharah Seafood is at Jalan Kg Pandan, the lane before Jalan Wira 1 opposite "Dewan Serbaguna Taman Maluri" google map as follows:


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