Saturday, August 11, 2012

PAED / Child Clinic Mutiara Damansara : Klinik Kanak-Kanak Junina

Last Wednesday, my second son (28 months old) contracted HFMD but I had no prior experience with HFMD that I was unable to tell. He only had a few red spots (about 5) on his right palm and rashes at his diaper line. I told his teacher regarding the red spots on his palm. His teacher informed me to just monitor within the next few days whether he develops fever and ulcers in the mouth. 

The next day, my son was still active, no sign of fever nor ulcers but 2 red dots has appeared on his left palm and 1 red dot on his right sole and 3 red dots on his left sole. I was bewildered but still hoping for the best that it is not HFMD. That Thursday night, my son vomited twice in the middle of the night , but I attributed it to his cough and phelgm. That Friday morning, my son woke up lethargic, so I decided to send my elder to school and take my second son to see a child specialist. I didn't have the confidence to go to Dr Altaf at TTDI as parking is horrendous there, so I decided to give Klinik Kanak-Kanank Junina near my kids' school a try.

Dr Junina Child Specialist Clinic

The child clinic was open and there were a few patients before us. Park-like benches line the waiting area, and another small area designated for kids play with assorted toys in baskets. It was not Dr Altaf's, but my kid was still happy playing around with the toys (mostly soft toys and figurines) at Dr Junina Child Clinic. But I do think that it will be kind of cramped if there are lots of kids playing at the kids area. There is another seating area in another room but I'm not sure whether it's the pantry or open to waiting patients too. The toilet is quite basic too. 

My son deciding which toy to play with

Our wait was quite short as there were only two patients before us. Dr Junina was a knowledgeable soft spoken lady. Quite chatty too. She diagnosed HFMD just by looking at the red spots and found two small ulcers (so tiny you wouldn't even know it's ulcers beginning to erupt if she didn't point it out to you) beginning to form near the bottom front of my kid's inner lips. She informed me that kids do not necessarily develop all symptoms of HFMD, some may only have ulcers while some may only have red blisters. She also informed me that adults can also get HFMD and that I should be aware of it just in case I get it from my child. She advised to give regular dosage of paracetamol even if my child do not have fever as it reduces the pain from the ulcers, to give my kids cold ice cream, yoghurt or cold Pediasure to soothe the pain and prevent dehydration. HFMD usually clears between 7-10 days and incubation period is between 3-7 days. That means I should monitor my elder son within these 3-7 days for any signs of infection. Siblings of infected kid should also stay away from school as they are exposed to the virus and may contaminate the school thus exposing other kids to the virus.

Waiting area, data reception is quite slow here, so a long wait might be boring

Hmm.. paid RM122 for consultation + meds; (Virless topical cream for the blisters, Aloclair mouth spray for  the ulcers, Paracetamol, Mucosolvan and Salbutamol. I guess it's more or less the same as Dr Altaf.

Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina is at:
11A-1 Jalan PJU 7/7A Mutiara Damansara (row of shop houses before the roundabout of Peter and Jane Kindergaten if you access Mutiara Homes nearer to The Royal Bintang Damansara Hotel)

Opening Hours:
Mon & Tues: 9am - 12pm, 6pm - 9pm
Wed & Fri: 9am - 12pm
Thu: 6pm-9pm
Sat: 9am-2pm
Sun: Closed.

Best to call ahead before coming to check whether clinic is open or not as sometimes the doctor has some other engagement and the clinic will be closed.

Tel: +603 - 7727-9154

Amazingly, she also has a facebook page where she will answer your questions, just search for Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina.

Will write a separate post on how I coped with taking care of my two kids and hubby who got HFMD for 10 days and what activities I did with my kids to keep me sane and keep them from bugging me to go out and play.