Thursday, September 28, 2017

Breakfast at The Starling; Damansara Uptown - Vine Cafe

This is a continuation of the post about first visit to The Starling at Damansara Uptown. We were there quite early in the morning around 10.30am cos we had an appointment with the school's uniform supplier near Atria. Kids didn't get to eat breakfast yet and most of the shops at Atria looked closed so we headed to The Starling instead.

We chanced upon a restaurant on the ground level that was open for breakfast (they opened at 10am)  called Vine and while they have a breakfast menu, the staff was accommodating enough to take our orders for pasta and nuggets (for the kids)  at 10.30 am also. 

We ordered:

Mushroom Soup at Vine Cafe - The Starling

Mushroom soup for my no 3, he's a big fan of soups and this one goes down pretty well with him. Portion is quite big and my 2 yo slurped it to the last drop. 

Overpriced nuggets - but hey what were you expecting?

The nuggets were pretty normal and expensive but kids needed to eat so.. 

This is one of their breakfast option.. hubby ordered it.. nothing special here..but my son loves the croissant.

This is also one of their breakfast option. I LOVE this okaaay..

Above dish is my favorite! I didn't think I could finish it all up by myself but I pretty much did so haha! Minced meat in bolognese sauce with egg and loads of cheese! yuuuummmmmy! reminded me  much of shakshuka (malay style of course not the tomato arab style) my only grouch is that the toasted bread is not enough!

Breakfast at The Starling - Vine Cafe : Look at that glorious cheesy dish 😋

The toast at Vine Cafe
The toast was for my no 1, it was also very nice, with sweet jam, fresh strawberries, grapes and vanilla ice cream.. Delish!

His and hers - as usual coffee for the man and babycino for the lady :)

I love my babycino, not overwhelmingly sweet or chocolatey, just nice :) 

This is one cafe we might come back to if we feel like splurging for breakfast during the weekend :) 

P/S: I just realized that I mentioned pasta at the start, so yeah we did order carbonara and if you read my blog often, you would know that that's all my no 2 will eat if we go to cafes so.. I'm sick of reviewing carbonaras haha that's why it's picture is not in the post. The carbonara is okay, creamy and child friendly.