Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kids Friendly Cinema @ Damansara Uptown - The Starling (MBO Kecil)

So.. excited much.. Cars 3 dah keluar cinema, we decided to check out MBO Kecil at The Starling (Damansara Uptown) cos the mall is pretty new so new  means less crowd and new facilities which equates to mmmmm.. no wear and tear yet :p 

Hubby chose the standard seat ( 3 front rows) which is waay low and perfect for kids to climb and jump and super convenient of your kids like to run around and you have to run after them BUT so back breaking and super uncomfortable if you are around 1.7m and above (read hubby)

kids cinemas petaling jaya
The yellow and red seats were ours ( so low! not good for those who are tall or have back pain) the 4th row onwards are the VIP seats (read normal seats) 

The sofa @ MBO Kecil, The Starling (last row)

The centre seating (VIP) is probably the best choice, while the sofa at the back row (only 4 sofas) is maybe good if your like to lie down or your baby is the sort who naps in cinemas (huh?) 

A bit blurry - the playground inside the MBO Kecil @ The Starling

Seems like a good idea yeah? Brighter lighting, a playground in the cinema = you get to watch a movie while your child who can't sit still play around.. hahaha! whoever thought of that probably didn't go running after their kids for 90 minutes! Man.. maybe if your kids are independent enough to run around on their own (in which case I would assume they would also be big enough to sit still in a cinema to enjoy a movie) so there I was "accompanying" my 9 year old and 7 year old watching cars as they sat very still and enjoy the movie with the husband, while I chase after my 25 months up and down the stairs and gently push him down the top of the slide and running down the stairs at the other side to make sure he didn't bump into someone else who might try to climb up the slide. Husband took pity on me about half way through the movie. Man.. I think I would be better off staying at home with the 25 months old! Although that boy certainly enjoyed himself very much climbing up and down the seats, running around the stairs and "playing" with the other kids (who actually were not playing with him :P ) 

Baby room / Nursing room @ MBO Kecil - The Starling

I think the whole idea is pretty neat, there's a baby room / nursing room just outside the theater entrance, a shoe rack at the side and a playground at the waiting area outside in case you arrive early for your movie and need to blow away like 20 minutes before the theater opens. Buuuut, I would probably try again when the kiddo is 4 years old. (Or maybe not cos The Lego Ninjago Movie is also out now 😅 )

Playground outside the theater @ MBO Kecil - The Starling

Afterwards, we checked out the indoor playground at The Starling called DreamWorld :

But, we didn't go in because me and hubs were too lazy to spend another 1 hour waiting for the kids hahaha.. we let them take the animal rides though.. RM10 per ride and you get a free ride if you buy two rides.. oh well, maybe next time we will try the indoor playground. 

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