Monday, November 13, 2017

Halal Pho in KL - Super Saigon @ TTDI

Wookayyys.. this is a really overdue post back when Mr Husband was not so busy and we managed to squeeze in a date night. I didn't really want to eat anything much so I said let's just go for something light and since I have not had my mum's Vietnamese roll for a loooooong time (my mum is NOT Vietnamese by the way :p ) I said let's just go to Super Saigon (cos hubby went a few  times with his project mates but never brought me *eyeroll* ) 

Well, hubby did not bring me here earlier for a very good reason.. I am just not a fan of pho ðŸ˜¬ I mean give me sup mamak, Indonesian sup buntut or Malay thick sup ayam or sup buntut (no fuss) anytime man but pho? too clear for my taste ðŸ˜¬so now you know why.. so maybe this review is going to be a bit biased.

Well, I came only for the rolls. So, we ordered that plus pho and fried kway teow.

Super Saigon @ TTDI claims that they use halal meat from Australia so eat at your own discretion yeah. 

First up the Pho:

Beef balls and brisket Pho @ Super Saigon TTDI
The accompaniment for the Pho

Condiments on the table

So, I ordered beef balls and briskets cos I like meat over chicken when it comes to soup noodles (okay so maybe I was kinda thinking of Thaksin Beef Noodles that I used to eat like 10 years ago when in SG hahaha) noodles were nice, soup was clear, tasty but not strong, I didn't add in the bean sprouts cos I don't like bean sprouts in ANYTHING and I didn't add in the condiments becaaaauuuuuuseeee a good soup in my opinion doesn't ever need condiments! So, yep, I ate it like that not too bad, but nothing special and nothing that will bring me back either. 

Fried Kway Teow @ SUper Saigon TTDI

Hubby ordered fried kway teow maybe because he was not in the mood for pho (even though he was the one who told me that this is probably one of the better phos in KL) Nothing special about the kway teow either. 

So, the rolls came first actually haha but I put it in last cos I came for this must complain a bit more :P 

Vietnamese Roll @ Super Saigon TTDI

First up look at those prawns.. wow.. I was like "so generous ah 3 prawns in each roll?" apparently those are prawn slices.. so you get 1 1/2 prawns per roll ok.. so disappointed.

Inside the roll are salad, mint (which I like) what are those white things? some form of noodle if I am not mistaken (which I find confusing cos if I wanna eat noodle I won't order a roll k?) and you eat it with the peanut butter sauce. okay.. overall not too bad I guess.. but I wanted my mum's one, which now I think is a different variation.. it has salad,carrots, avocado, big fat juicy whole prawns and no noodles ok and we don't dip it in a sauce, the chili fish sauce is already spread in the roll.. aaaarrrrghhh I need mum to make me one ðŸ˜«  

Super Saigon at TTDI is always, and I mean ALWAYS packed! It's easy to see why, the decor is easy on the eyes, the food is simple and nice and the price is not that hard on the wallet. But, for this tempoyak loving, chili craving foodie.. hmm.. I like my food to pack a punch to make it worth the calories hahaha.. I won't be coming back here anytime soon but I am sure a lot of people do.

Super Saigon @ TTDI  opening hours:

Weekdays : 11.30am - 10.30pm
Weekends and PH : 10.30am - 10.30pm

Call them at : +60377328874

Find them at :

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