Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Acient Egypt Project - KS 1

Umair is learning Ancient Egypt this term and we had to do an ancient Egypt costume and cook some food. 

Googled "Pharaoh's costume for boys" for ideas and decided to print out the head dress from firstpalette.com  here  (I added an elastic tape at the back so that he can wear it properly) and their instructions for the collar here. 

Then I cut a cardboard to the shape of the belt and pasted a plain white paper over it before painting it gold (though it turned out to be a bit on the brownish side when dried) had some leftover trimmings so I just glued that on cos I'm too lazy to do anything else :p at the back I just put some tape as we only had to take a picture of the costume, if it's meant to be worn I guess velcro tape would be more suitable. We also had some shiny gold cardboard leftover from Mikail's old project so I cut that and it naturally rolled and that became the arm band. aaand we are done! Yeay!

Umair in his simple Pharaoh costume

and lil brother wants to try it too!

As for the food.. I am totally unsure if what we made was Ancient Egypt or not but it's definitely Egyptian! Lol.. I thought I don't want to waste my energy making bread yeah? and my kids are definitely not gonna eat a yoghurt cucumber salad.. I need something that we can make and eat as well so we made a simple kofta (I said they are Egyptian sausages 😝 ) and eggs in tomato sauce called shakshuka. Recipes are from here (kofta) and here (shakshuka). Of course for I also followed with whatever spices that I have in the kitchen and adjusted it to my taste :p It was more winging on my part that's why I can't put it the exact recipe used haha... left out the bread and milk from the kofta recipe too..anyways.. all I want to do is finish up the project with the kids! That's it. Umair liked the kofta but Mikail didn't.. I find it to be so-so.. The shakshuka was a tad too plain for my Malay throat.. if it weren't for my kids having to eat it, I would probably be more generous with paprika and chili powder 😬

anyways here are some photos!

He was happy cos he helped cooked the dish and said the koftas were delish :p

close up of the not so flattering koftas and shakshuka :p

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