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Jalan-jalan Genting - Best Western Ion Delemen and Genting Strawberry Farm

Jalan-jalan Genting Highlands - Genting Strawberry Farm

We decided to go on a one night trip to Genting Highlands to celebrate no 2's birthday. It was quite impromptu so we went up at nearly 4pm. Before going up, we searched on what to do with kids there and saw that the theme park is only slotted to be open late this year or early next year and maybe the only places feasible to visit are the Strawberry Farm and the Insect World. 

The last time we went up to Genting was maybe 6 years ago lol.. so I was quite surprised to find out that I couldn't stand the drive up.. my 20 months old also was not happy with the winding road. I didn't remember feeling this bad 6 years ago.. 

We stopped by the strawberry farm before going to our hotel cos Best Western is at the other side of Genting (past the theme park area). We were not expecting much from the farm so we were pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness of it. Of course, I did not pay the toilet a visit. 

strawberry farm genting
The strawberries at Genting Strawberry Farm

Strawberry picking was limited to only a few rows of plants and you can only get a handful cos there weren't too many left and you kind of feel bad for the other parents with kids too :p 

The flower garden (rose and lavender) inside was beautiful and almost make you think that you are outside of Malaysia, until you smell the cigarette smoke from some inconsiderate people who have to spoil the air. 

A part of the flower garden inside the strawberry farm

We didn't know that they have a photo studio inside the farm and the studio put their photographers on standby at various spots at the strawberry farm and take "free" photos that you can decide to buy later on before exiting. We had fun posing and a tough time deciding on the photos to buy :p

جنتنج هايلاند
Professional photographer on standby inside Genting Strawberry Farm

After the short trip to the farm, we headed on to Best Western. The hotel is fairly new and is about the same concept as the Best Western (The Haven) at Ipoh. But here the restaurant is bigger. They have a kids pool, an adult pool (sadly the view is not so nice) a small playground and a small green area for kids to kick a ball and what not. With the cool air.. it was quite a nice experience.

best western genting
Genting Highland - Best Western - Master Bedroom and Adjoining Toilet

jalan jalan genting
Best Western Genting - 2nd and 3rd Bedroom and a common toilet

The suite that we stayed in is a 3 room suite, 2 rooms with a queen bed and another with 2 single bed. The beds are all very nice except that the bed support in the master bedroom seems to be unbalanced. I can't sit at the foot of the bed while my son is lying down without feeling like the bed might topple.

genting hotels with kids
Best Western Ion Delemon - Genting Highland's for my boy's birthday 
جنتنج هايلاند
Best Western Ion Delemon Genting - Kids' playground

hotels for kids genting
Adult pool and Kids pool at Best Western Ion Delemon
The kids liked the big space and we bought the movie "Ant Man" on the entertainment menu for the kids to enjoy.

Dinner was at Kembali Kitchen which was huge (I almost didn't notice that the building was actually still in construction) and the food was great too (not fantastic but good enough to fill your tummy without complaints) That same huge restaurant was filled to the brim the next morning for breakfast (Public Holiday) and even though the breakfast options were slightly limited (there were enough options just not one that makes you go crazy to try all) the staff ensures that supply is never lacking.

Kembali Kitchen @ Best Western Ion Delemon

Carbonara, Panna Cotta and Nasi Goreng @ Kembali Kitchen - Best Western Genting

Prawn Fritters and Sate @ Kembali Kitchen - Best Western Genting Highlands

I really liked the hotel and I feel that it is nice enough to be a weekend destination with the kids, if they further develop the surrounding area with a nice garden trail and a few activities, it would be perfect.

On the way back, we passed the Insect Kingdom but noticed it a tad too late, so we had to give it a miss since no way am I turning back with that road haha.. 

At the hotel's lobby :) 

A short getaway with the family for the no 2's birthday :) 

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