Friday, April 21, 2017

Putrajaya with Kids - Day out at IOI City Mall

Seems like there is a lot of long weekend this year, so with nothing to do, we decided to venture to IOI City Mall at Putrajaya with the kids. We were not planning to go inside District 51 even though I think it looks really cool cos my 8 year old is not a fan of climbing. He wanted to go and bowl so we said ok. Unfortunately, there was a crowd when we arrive and we had to write down our name on the waiting list and hang around the area to wait for them to call our name (they don't even want to call you so you can't go elsewhere while you wait for someone to finish playing) In the end, after waiting for 30 minutes, we decided to just go to District 51 Upper level (just a few doors down from the bowling alley) You don't need to pay the entrance fee to access the upper level as you can only look over the obstacle course. Other games available are on token basis. So, there's a bumper car, 4D simulation rides, archery and some kiddy rides (cars and motorbikes).. My kids really like the bumper car. 

ioi 101 mall
Putrajaya With Kids - District 51 @ IOI Mall

Putrajaya With Kids - District 51 @ IOI Mall

For the toddler, I took him to Kidszoona inside Molly's Fantasy (Arcade) for a bit of indoor play (Entrance fee RM10) , it was a weekday around lunch time and he was the only one playing haha! (Husband took leave on Friday) but he didn't enjoy himself playing alone without his brothers and after about 30 minutes asked to go out to play at the Arcade instead. 

اسواق بوتراجايا
Putrajaya With Kids - Indoor Playground at IOI City Mall

putrajaya with kids
Putrajaya With Kids - Kidszoona at IOI City Mall

IOI Mall
Kids Indoor Play Area at IOI City Mall - Putrajaya

101 City Mall kids
Kids Indoor Play Area at IOI City Mall - Putrajaya

Kids Indoor Play Area at IOI City Mall - Putrajaya

Afterwards, we look around the ice skating rink but decided not to go in cos my toddler will not be able to join.

حلبة التزلج على الجليد بوتراجايا
Ice Skating @ Putrajaya

Ice Rink @ IOI Mall - Putrajaya

There is also a train ride (in front of District 51 - upper level) and a Dinosaur ride (big fixed ones and small mobile ones) near the ice rink. 

بوتراجايا مول
IOI City Mall With Kids - Putrajaya

IOI City Mall With Kids - Putrajaya

Overall, the kids quite enjoyed themselves, especially with spending our money at the Arcade 😅 while I wished that there is a babysitting service available so that I can go shopping haha! 

Eating choices were aplenty and guess what my kids chose to eat? Hot Dogs! sigh.. life of a mother..