Monday, July 10, 2017

Halal Food @ Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

We were en route to Glasgow last May and KLM transits at Amsterdam so we took the opportunity to explore Amsterdam as well. Its about 11-12 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam and we were having difficulty in choosing a "special" meal (read halal) online on the KLM website. Hubby called up the hotline and we were told that from KUL-AMS the food is halal but from AMS-KUL we will have to check with the airline again before we fly off.

We took the night flight and the kids didn't really eat much on flight but they were pretty hungry when we touched down. It was early in the morning around 7 am and I couldn't find much information about the halal food available so we settled with some fruits bought at Albert Heijin.

I saw this sign though and just snapped it cos I thought that it might be useful given the dearth of information online. I thought whichever one that has halal options must be the ones serving Asian food..

Then on another day while we were in the airport to pick up our rented car, I chanced upon Toko To Go and decided to check out if my assumption was correct. So, yes, Toko To Go has partial halal menu. They serve halal chicken dishes BUT please be aware that they also have Pork on their menu. As we were not comfortable with that, we did not give their halal dishes a try. (Also their google reviews are pretty dismal)

Then on our way back from Glasgow to Kuala Lumpur, we transited in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I did not find any information with regards to any specific restaurants serving halal food in the transit area. (Yup, I'm talking about you halaltrip and have halal will travel) so since there was no food served on flight from Glasgow- Schiphol, my kids were pretty hungry in transit. We walked about trying to find a halal option and I told my husband let's see if Kebaya has partial halal menu since it also serves asian dishes. We headed for Kebaya and again saw pork on the menu and I can't confirm if they have partial halal menu cos husband was the one who did the asking this time around as our 23 months old was acting up already due to hunger. We decided to go vegetarian instead. We went to another restaurant which serves vegetarian burger that I find very tempting but husband still didn't feel good about it. In the end, I gave up and said let's just find something like a shop that sells pre-packed sandwiches and yoghurts and stuffs and husband said ok. We saw Grab & Fly and I saw that they sell instant ramen (that means they have hot water yeah? woohooo.. cos yours truly packed 2 instant cup noodles -halal all the way from Malaysia yeah- for emergencies haha) I asked the staff if they can kindly put hot water in our Maggi Cup Noodles and they said ok but I have to pay for the hot water. I said ok.. hey what's a few euros compared to raging hungry kids? Hubby bought some yoghurts for himself and I told him, I don't know about you but I am taking the tuna sandwich as well (tawakkal alAllah) 

After filling up our bellies with the light food, we walked about to shop and in one of the shops the staff gave salam to me and I was pleasantly surprised and we striked a conversation. I took the opportunity to ask if there is any halal restaurants there in the transit area at Schiphol Airport and he said no. He advised to just eat fish and vegetarian dishes. So, that's it... all the other Muslim tourists I saw walking about are also either only holding drinks in their hands or eating pringles.. I mean if it wasn't for the cup noodles we brought along with us (it was intended to be for the flight home just in case the kids don't like the food offered) we would have also been like them. It's ok if it was just the two of us, but I can't stand it if my kids go hungry.. :(

On the flight back from AMS-KUL, the staff said that all the food are halal and we decided that we will take that in good faith. 

Thanks for reading this super long post.. will try to post something about our trip soon. :)