Thursday, July 27, 2017

Halal food Glasgow Central

So, hubby went for a summer course in Glasgow and we followed. I did not foresee doing much sightseeing on my own with the 3 boys while hubby went to class, so I settled for a place near shopping centres where I can pacify the kids with a trip to a toy store when they get restless 😂

Premier Suites Plus Glasgow was our choice since it is walking distance to Hamley's hahaha.. little did I know that it was a great choice because it is opposite George's Square where there are plenty of pigeons in the morning and the kids had fun feeding them everyday lol.. (this was before hubby told me that it might be illegal to feed the pigeons)

Feeding the pigeons @ George's Square - Glasgow 

Usually, after feeding the pigeons, my no 2 would ask for Subway across the street. The subway at 11 St Vincent Place is halal :)

While walking around the area, we also stumbled upon Oko (Japanese Cuisine @ 78 Queen Street) which zabihah states as having partial halal menu (all chicken halal except for gyoza and no pork served) but we didn't get to try it cos my kids don't favor Japanese cuisine.

So, on one of the days, we went to St Enoch Shopping Centre cos I was bribing the kids with Hamley's and then we saw a very small kids play area @ Euro 5 per 15 or 30 mins (I forgot) and the kids wanted to have a go. It was really small and I have no idea how and why but the kids were entertained for nearly an hour. Afterwards, my no 2 was hungry so I said let's just take a look at the food court and see if there is any halal option and Masya Allah, we saw one :

Di Maggio's Pizza with halal options @ St Enoch Shopping Centre

Halal Options @ Di Maggio's - St Enoch Shopping Centre

The guy at the counter informed me saying 2 types of pasta is halal and cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza but I can't take the chips as it's not fried with vegetable oil (something else but I can't seem to recall what they use)

We also tried Kebabish Grill @ the other side of River Clyde (323 Victoria Road) as I wanted to buy some meat as well to cook and that area has a lot of halal butchers. The food at Kebabish is really nice and the restaurant has a prayer place and also plays nasyeed on the entertainment system. As the kids ate, I wandered around the area to buy halal meat and I found a small butcher shop (can't recall the name) opposite Green Grocer (380 Victoria Road) the chicken is really fresh and the fruits and vegetables offered in Green Grocer is also quite ok.

Around Victoria Road, there are a lot of halal restaurants like:

1) Al Forno Ristorante (10 Torrisdale St)
2) Chicken Cottage (366 Victoria Road)
3) Star Coffee Patisserie (330 Victoria Road) for halal cakes

But we didn't try it cos we were around the area only to buy halal meat :)

On one of the days that we had to travel early in the morning and I didn't have time to cook breakfast and clean up, we bought breakfast from iCafe @ 72 Ingram St as it opens very early in the morning @ 7am :

Halal Food Menu @ iCafe - Ingram Street

This was the morning that we had to take a train ride to London, I didn't have the time to cook breakfast as we had to get things cleaned up before checking out. We took the Virgin train to London on a weekend. If you are traveling first class, the train will serve food during the trip however, if your travel on weekend, the food option is limited, if you are traveling on weekdays, they have vegetarian options for you to choose. If you happen to have time, I would just advice you to pop by M&S Food hall and maybe buy some vegetarian sandwiches as back up. I bought a falafel wrap and egg sandwiches for myself and packed instant cup noodles for the kids :)

While in Glasgow, if you are a Dr Who might wanna check out a few of the tardis around the area. We managed to see 2:

1) at 106 Buchanan Street:

Tardis @ 106 Buchanan Street

2) at intersection of Wilson Street and Glasford Street:

A nicer one selling coffee and sandwiches @ intersection of Wilson St and Glasford St

We didn't know there is another red one @ 27 Sauciehall Street or we would have been there as well 😄