Friday, July 28, 2017

Melaka With Kids - The Shore Aquarium, Toy Museum, Puteri Beach

pantai puteri tanjung kling
Melak with Kids - Puteri Beach @ Tg Kling

This is one overdue post.. we went to Melaka for a short getaway with the kids but it was peak period and a last minute decision so a lot of the popular hotels were already full. We decided to give Ramada Hotel a go even though normally we wouldn't choose this hotel. We were pleasantly surprised as the hotel was actually quite comfortable. Given that the exterior looked really old, the interior has been refurbished recently and the rooms were very modern. There is no bath tub in the room that we requested though.

Ramada Hotel Short Vacation

Room service was also good and breakfast in the morning was not too bad. It is also near a lot of convenience shop and there is a 24 hour mamak shop at the back. 

Ramada Hotel's Room Service

The Shore Mall is also just a few minutes drive away or you can even walk there if you have the stamina to brave Melaka's hot sun. 

Maybe next time we will try The Shore Hotel and Residence  :)

Speaking of which, since Melaka is so sunny, we opted for anything indoors and The Shore Oceanarium was first on the list. It is located inside The Shore Mall and I think there are a few other attractions at the mall as well. Hubby purchased tickets for both the aquarium and the toy museum. 

melaka aquarium
The Shore Oceanarium @ Melaka
The kids enjoyed the aquarium immensely, it is something like The Aquaria at KLCC but on a smaller scale. My kids love petting the baby sharks at the entrance and also feeding the turtles at the end. Strangely, they also found the 3D theatre very mesmerizing even though my husband and I were already begging them to move on πŸ˜‚

Outside the Shore Oceanarium exit

Even if you don't go inside the aquarium, there are some kiddy rides just outside its exit.

toy museum melaka
Melaka Toy Museum @ The Shore Mall

Our next attraction was the Toy Museum, we went through this very quickly as there is really nothing much to see. The picture is the only nice part of the Museum in our opinion.. Can skip this attraction. 

Afterwards, there kids were hungry but there was nothing much on offer at the mall, so we went to Halia Restaurant instead. Then we headed out of Melaka town and went to Tg Kling for Puteri Beach. While reading up on beaches in Melaka, I was really tempted to visit Pulau Besar but then I stumbled upon one website that says that the Pulau isn't all it is made up to be and I think it will be unwise for me to bring the kids there πŸ˜¬ Pantai Klebang is also not an option as I read that to reach the sand dunes you actually need to walk a distance and there is no beach to swim in too. So, Pantai Puteri it was. 
Playing in the water @ Melaka's beach - Pantai Puteri

The sand at Pantai Puteri

When we arrived, it was 5pm but hubby said it was still too hot, so we decided to eat at one of the numerous eateries there (there is also a stretch of night market stalls already operating then). We waited till 6pm and then we unleashed the kids πŸ˜‚ the sand wasn't soft and white instead casuarina seeds lined the sand making it quite difficult to walk barefoot and playing sand castles. But the water was ok.. not that clear but some people were swimming. Later on, we realized there was also some oil in the water that wasn't quite visible but stuck on our legs and so difficult to remove afterwards. Ah well.. by then the kids had already had their fill of fun in the water πŸ˜„

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