Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fairmont Hotel Halal Restaurant - Asian Market Cafe

Had our buka puasa at Fairmont Hotel today..it was our first time and we had no idea where the restaurant is located so we went to the hotel's reception to ask. The lady at the counter kindly informed us that the restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and we should take the South Tower lift. What she neglected to tell us was that the lift is only for hotel in-house guests, so we had to detour back to Swissotel to take the escalator to 2nd floor. 

Once you take the escalator, just go straight ahead and you will find the Asian Market Cafe, although I feel that the signage is not prominent.

The ambience of the restaurant is very relaxed, I prefer Hyatt's Straits Kitchen decor. Food wise, they offer quite a selection with cold seafood (crabs, prawn and oyster), Japanese food (soba, a few sushi) standard fried rice, fried bee hoon, chilli crab, satay, murtabak, prata, some local vege and meat dishes, laksa and a bit of middle eastern and sudanese food thrown in. Dessert was suji cake, thai mango sticky rice, egg tarts, caramel pudding, umm ali, rice pudding, cendol, cincau and ice cream among others. Free flowing drinks was rose syrup, sugar cane and sour plum drink. Teh Tarik, tea, coffee and juices are also available ala-carte. All in all, other than the grilled squid; nothing really stands out, it's not that the food is not nice, it's just that it tasted normal, nothing outstanding or finger licking. everything taste rather mild to me. We didn't really go for seconds. 

One plus point is that prayer rooms are provided just outside the Cafe (beside the escalator; again signage a bit small) which is very convenient. Do note that you will need to take your ablution in the toilet and there is no telekung provided. 

Prayer Rooms at Fairmont Hotel Singapore; (circed in white) Male on the right; next to the escalator and Female on the left

Male Prayer Room at Fairmont Hotel Singapore

Female Prayer Room at Fairmont Hotel Singapore

Dinner costed us $120++ for two adults, which is relatively cheap to me. Overall, I prefer Asian Market Cafe over Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts, but it still lags behind Straits Kitchen at Hyatt.