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Kuala Lumpur Kids : Kidzania - KL Newest Theme Park

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Finally, after the long wait, Kidzania at Curve NX, Mutiara Damansara officially opened on 28 February 2012. This newest theme park for kids in Kuala Lumpur is strategically located near to Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel and The Curve Shopping Centre.

100+ Wall Climbing at Kidzania

I decided to check out Kidzania with the kids last Friday to see what's all the hype about. Upon entering Curve NX building, you will see counters pretty much like what you will see at the airport when you are checking in your baggage. Don't look confused, you are at the right place. Just step forward to the counters and purchase your tickets to Kidzania. Kidzania's tickets are quite pricey. I paid a total of RM105 for 1 adult (RM35)  and two toddlers (2-3 years old - RM35 each) and that was the price for the locals. Children (4-17 years old are charged RM55).While ticket prices for non-locals are toddlers RM35, child RM75 and adults RM50.

KL Theme Park - Kidzania Ticket Counters

KL Theme Park - Kidzania : Encashing his first cheque :)
KL Theme Park - Kidzania's Kidzos 
After purchasing your tickets, you then proceed to level 5 (via escalator, no elevator) for check in at the "immigration", you then enter Kidzania and search for CIMBank to encash the cheque for 50 Kidzos that you are given upon purchase of Kidzania tickets. This kidzos can be used to purchase items from the department store (not much choice as the minimum price if 100 Kidzos and you only have 50 Kidzos) or pay for activities such as face painting, body art and other attractions such as the SeaMaster Bottling Plant and Oreo Cookie Factory. (These are at the upper level which I did not get to explore as my kid was already cranky by then)

KL Theme Park - Kidzania: My son the Pos Laju Deliveryman

KL Theme Park : Kidzania - pushing the trolley!

The theme park is amazing, worth the wait I would say, unfortunately, it will only be enjoyed fully by kids who are above four years old, are independent and have some siblings or relatives along (unless your child is super friendly). There's a Magic Studio, an Acting Academy, TV Studio and a radio station. Here,  kids get to engage in "adult" activities pretending to "work" as Pos Laju delivery man, firefighters, police officers, nurses, dentists, go to college, attend cooking class, be a CSI officer, learn how to fix cars, take driving license and so forth and earn Kidzos to spend at Kidzania. It's a great way to teach them the value of money. 

KL Theme Park - Kidzania: Kids fighting fire!

KL Theme Park- Kidzania : Make way for the fire engine!
KL Theme Park - Kidzania : That small girl is super cute!
The problem with the theme parks for parents with kids who are still not independent, is that some attractions run for 20 minutes and if you missed the start you have to wait till the current session has ended. While the magic show and acting academy runs on fixed schedule. Most attractions also excludes parents participation (only 7 attractions permits parents' participation) which makes it difficult for you once your child starts to get cranky and clingy. 

KL Theme Park - Kidzania : Kids being dentist..

KL Theme Park- Kidzania : queuing for flight stimulation / flight attendant training  

Kidzania Theme Park is also equipped with surau, baby room and parents' lounge. Great for a half day spent with your bigger kids and their friends or relatives. I hope Kidzania will be well-maintained until my first son reach 6 years old and will be able to enjoy it then :) 

KL Theme Park - Kidzania: My super shy kid waiting for customers

KL Theme Park - Kidzania : Pumping petrol for customers, how cute :)

Kidzania is open on :
Mon - Fri 10.00 am - 5.00pm
Sat, Sun and PH 10.00am - 3.00pm and 4.00pm - 9.00pm

Map of Kidzania:

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