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Langkawi Food / Makan Best di Langkawi

While searching for food in Langkawi and venturing to the Kuah area, we passed by a place called Minang Pelangi. It is a restaurant serving Indonesian Minang Style food. Even the chef and waiters are Indonesians. Minang Pelangi is a few minutes drive down from a shop called Riku-Riku on your left side of the road if you are coming from the East side of Langkawi. It is a standalone building in Minang Style with a compound for parking and is beside a budget motel. It is before the main Kuah town if you passed Langkawi Parade that means you have already missed it. Sorry, I can't be more exact, I forgot to write down the address. Do ask the locals if you can't find it. 

The restaurant is big and spacious with a few fish tanks to keep my sons entertained. decor is sparse though and there's some mosquitoes especially near the fish tanks so slap on your mosquito repellent. 

Drinks.. are less than desirable. Better to order can drinks to avoid being disappointed. But food was quite nice. Not as nice as the Padang restaurants in Kuala Lumpur but for a sleepy town like Langkawi, I would say this is the place to go if you are craving for some Indonesian food in Langkawi. 

These were what we had:

Langkawi Food: Minang Restaurant at Kuah
This squid dish is called sotong bakar if my memory serves me right. It was very tasty, the gravy is not spicy though the color might suggest otherwise. The squid is also juicy and not stringy. 

Langkawi Food : Gulai Ayam; Minang Restaurant at Kuah

The gulai ayam is nondescript. No complaints but not outstanding either. Our bergedel (no picture) is also quite average. The potatoes are soft with no fillings inside as some Malaysian restaurants would serve.

Langkawi Good Food: Sup Buntut ; Minang Restaurant at Kuah

The Sup Buntut (Beef Soup) tasted absolutely delicious the first day, refreshingly cool enjoyed on a super hot and sweaty afternoon. But the next day when we dropped by and ordered the same dish it was a tad too salty.

Langkawi Makan Best: Terung Balado at Minang Restaurant; Kuah

Terung Balado (Eggplant in chili paste) seems to be hubby's current favorite dish when eating in an Indonesian restaurant. The eggplant is soft and the chili paste sweet and spicy but not overly hot.

Langkawi Makan: Dendeng at Minang Restaurant; Kuah

Minang Pelangi have two versions of dendeng (sliced spiced fried beef) the crispy version and the tender version. The above picture is the crispy version. I like it though some might find it a tad too crispy to the point of being crunchy and it is a tad salty. Hubby prefers the tender version. The tender version does hold up the spices pretty well.  

We ate at Minang Pelangi twice, the first day was absolutely delightful and we came out fully satisfied with our lunch (maybe it was partly due to the fact that we were quite hungry at that time) The next day, some dishes turn out to be a bit salty and the bergedel was very oily. I didn't enjoy the second day much too as my kids started to act up. If the restaurant can be consistent in dishing out delicious dishes then I would highly recommend this restaurant but seems like consistency is a bit lacking. So, if you decide to give this restaurant a chance, I hope that your dishes turns out well.

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