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Makan Langkawi - Jimmy's Cafe

Dining out in Langkawi is very easy as there is a plethora of restaurants suiting every budget and taste. From Italian, Middle Eastern, Thai and Indian cuisine, I do not think that there would be a problem to find good food in Langkawi. I remember the first time I went to Langkawi with husband, we just drove around and ate at an Indian restaurant (can't even remember the place and name) and it was very nice. We also tried the Thai restaurant at Langkawi Oriental Village and it was also very nice. 

This time around, as my mother-in-law and her sister came along for the Langkawi holiday, we tried out restaurants that are more to their Malaysian and Middle Eastern-partial tastebuds.

Dining out Langkawi: Jimmy's Cafe set-up

First restaurant that we dined in was Jimmy's Cafe beside Laman Padi (one of Langkawi attractions). This restaurant came highly recommended in Trip Advisor but I was kind of unsure whether or not it is a halal restaurant. A quick check with the owner reveals that it is a halal restaurant and that the owner is a Muslim from Kedah and Jimmy is just a nickname that stuck. 

Dining Out in Langkawi : Jimmy's Cafe View
Jimmy's Cafe is a cool breather from the hot sun. The restaurant overlooks a paddy field and it was a nice scenery to gaze upon while you enjoy your food and drink. The service is also warm and attentive. But the food tasted quite average and most dishes a tad too oily to me. Drinks were also not notable.  Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes. Somebody on Trip Advisor recomended their Thai Coconut Soup but we didn't order that. We ordered samosa as appetizer, a salad, rendang, Thai-style fish (recomended by Jimmy), butter chicken (hubby's must-have) vegetable tom yum and spaghetti bolognese for the kids (I do not recommend ordering the spaghetti bolognese).  

Makan Langkawi : Samosa, Jimmy's Cafe

Our appetizer, the samosa is a delicious crispy popiah skin filled with soft potatoes that were spiced just nice and not too heavy nor oily. This one disappeared very fast from the plate. 

Makan Langkawi: salad; Jimmy's Cafe

The salad consisted of cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and onions with some sort of dressing, it was edible but also forgettable.

Makan Langkawi: Tha Style Fish, Jimmy's Cafe

Our Thai Style Fish is tender fish fillet in a spicy sauce. The dish is a bit too oily for me to enjoy. It also tasted more like sambal fish to me. 

Makan Langkawi : Butter chicken; Jimmy's Cafe

Our butter chicken did not taste like butter chicken, more like curry chicken in our opinion and since hubby does not like eating curry with rice, he was of course disappointed with this dish.

Makan Langkawi : Beef Rendang, Jimmy's Cafe 

Our beef rendang is the savior dish, I would say, tender beef in creamy coconut sauce.. yummy.. more please..

Makan Langkawi : The Steamed Rice, Jimmy's Cafe

The steamed rice at Jimmy's Cafe came with a mini salad (like a raita - cucumber, tomatoes and onions) pappadums and crackers. The crackers weren't very crispy as it should be. 

Our vegetable tom yum (no picture) was a special request from us to suit my mother-in-laws' diet. It wasn't in the menu but Jimmy graciously agreed to our request. Unfortunately, it was too spicy for us. The dish was made from prawn stock as authentic Thai Tom Yum always is,  it didn't quite go with the vegetables but I think it will taste very nice with seafood instead.

All in all it was a very filling lunch as portions are really huge. Ambience was quite chill and Jimmy was very attentive. Price is a bit on the high side though.  

Jimmy's Cafe is just beside Laman Padi and very near to Casa Del Mar. Do check out their opening hours before dropping by. 

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