Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recipe Bubur Cha Cha

My simple bubur cha cha

Bubur cha cha.. my favorite dessert, back home, mum would cook it for me whenever bubur cha cha craving hit me, now that I'm a 5 hours drive away from mum. It's time to learn how to cook bubur cha cha myself. 

Surprisingly, bubur cha cha is easy to make. So, after a trip to Tesco to get the ingredients, I am ready for my first attempt of bubur cha cha. 

Ingredients for bubur cha cha - jackfruit, colorful cha cha, a block of palm sugar, coconut milk powder, sweet potato, yam and white tapioca pearls.

Colorful ingredients, I used just a bit so that I'll make a portion just nice for two :)

A close up of the sago (tapioca pearls)

Ingredients for bubur cha cha are as such:

diced sweet potatoes - orange and purple (as desired)
diced yam (as desired)
3 tbsp tapioca pearls (sago) 
3 tbsp cha cha 
1 packet coconut milk
1/3 palm sugar (gula melaka)
1 pandan leaf - knotted
2 jackfruit - sliced

How to cook bubur cha cha?

1. In a separate pan, bring to boil the cha cha until tender - strain and set aside. (The cha cha tends to take longer to cook than the sweet potatoes and yam unless you dice them really big. 
2. Boil the sweet potatoes yam and tapioca pearls with sugar and pandan leaf until 90% tender. (Add in the sugar bit by bit till you get the desired sweetness)
3. Add in the coconut milk (I used coconut milk powder about 3/4 packet- fresh coconut milk is better if you can get your hands on one) adjust the taste to your liking. 
4. Add in sliced jackfruit and a dash of salt. Serve warm.

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