Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kids Friendly Restaurant in KL - Marche` at Mutiara Damansara

When eating out with kids, there are a lot of thing that parents consider such as the availability of kids friendly menu, whether the restaurants have sufficient space for the kids to walk about (if not run around) and enough distractions to entertain them.  

Kids Friendly Restaurant : Marche` Indoor Playground

One of the restaurants that we will go to when I am too tired to cook and both my partner and I want to eat in peace and the kids are full of energy is Marche` at The Curve Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara.  The reason is not because of scrumptious fare but rather it's because Marche` has an indoor playground in the restaurant. So, we will pick a table near the playground and since the kids are now big enough to play on their own, we can at least enjoy some portion of our food in peace. You still need to keep a lookout for your kids though since the place can get pretty crowded during weekends and if there are some kids with their cousins or siblings along, they can get pretty rowdy and you have to lookout for pushing and hogging. 

Recently, Marche` also introduced kiddies meal to their menu, smaller portioned dishes at a reduced price (perfect for dieting moms :p ) though it is limited to one kiddies meal per kid. 

Children Meal at Marche` - Sausages 

Eating out With Kids in KL : Creamy Pasta with Chicken

The food at Marche` are average though and not really outstanding, the lamb chops and steaks are not the same as TGIF or Tony Romas but the roasted chicken with mushroom crepes are quite ok. Price is also on the high side considering the portion, so this restaurant is only for once in a blue moon visit when mom and dad are really hungry and would like to sit down and eat in peace :)

Our burnt lamb chops : we came on a crowded Saturday night

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