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Applying for Dependant Pass Malaysia

[ Dear Readers, it has been a while since this post was written and the visa department has since set up a division called "Expatriates Services Division" so all things related to expats are handled by this division, its on level 3 of Putrajaya Immigration Department, the queue number counter is right in front of the escalator with no queue lines demarcated and very little space for queuing. This counter is also closed during lunch break. After you have taken your queue number, turn to the right side of the counter and walk to the end where the Expatriates Services Division is. Be warned that seats are limited.

Few things to note : 
1) Passport photo for employment/dependant pass still uses the blue background
2) You can apply for your wife and kids dependent passes without them having to be present.
3) Approval process now takes only 3 working days (am not too sure if its because we are only renewing or this apply to new application as well)
4) All contact numbers listed below has changed. Unfortunately, I do not have the updated numbers.  ]

Sigh.. still waiting for the approval of my dependant pass visa and it has been quite a frustrating experience, from hubby's office staff inexperience in dealing with Malaysia's employment pass and dependant pass procedures, to the agent's "bo-chap" behaviour to the less than satisfying visit to Putrajaya Immigration headquarters. Why is getting a simple dependant pass in Malaysia so difficult?

 By right, it should not be difficult, had we not leave everything in the hands of the people that was supposed to do the work right the first time round. I should have done my homework first and ask questions when things don't seem right. 

First, I should have pointed out to the HR officer - when she asked to submit my husband's passport for Malaysia's employment pass application first without submitting the application of my dependant pass concurrently - that the norm is to submit both application together to save processing time. 

Secondly, when my dependant pass (student) was nearing it's expiry date (as she had asked to cancel the pass so that our dependant pass (employment) can be processed) I should have gone to the immigration office myself and asked for an extension called the s-pass, of course when you are there the officers will probably asked why are you applying for the s-pass and then I would have to explain that I am going to apply for a dependant pass (employment) and they would probably just asked me to submit the application  for the dependant pass called DP11A myself. This would give rise to a stituation where my visit to the immigration office (after a long wait and being pushed from one department to another) to be fruitless due to the fact that I did not download the application form (available here) beforehand and does not have the required documentation along with me. This actually happened to us, except that in our case, we (i.e. my kids and I have overstayed in Malaysia while waiting for the dependant pass) So, the bo-chap agent asked us to go to immigration office to ask for special clearance before applying for the dependant pass when in all actuality, he could have done it for us himself as we had overstayed less than 1 month.

We arrived at Putrajaya pretty early in the morning but we chose the wrong day (Friday, which means extra long lunch hour to accommodate for Friday prayers). With two small kids in tow and parking space only available at the open field diagonal to the building (the basement parking is reserved only for staff, I still can not believe it). Waited for our no for 1 hour, after explaining the reason for us overstaying in Malaysia, had to wait for another hour for the officer to write a letter to submit to another department so that they can work out our penalty for overstaying. Received our letter at 1.00pm and I asked the lady, "What time do they break for Friday Prayers and lunch?" to which she replied: "Oh, the counter is open all the time, they don't go for a break" hmm.. impressed, I proceeded upstairs. 

When we reached the one level up (level 4), we were a bit confused where to go as there weren't any clear signs, after asking around, we were informed that we are supposed to get a number at the counter but the counter is closed for lunch and will reopen at 2.15pm. Ok.. conflicting information. So, hubby went for Friday Prayer at the Putrajaya Mosque while I waited with the kids in the car. 

Came back at 2.30pm, got our no, with our kids getting cranky and wanting to go back home, they fell asleep halfway and we had to stand carrying our kids while waiting in the cramped and crowded waiting area. Luckily, our number came up within 20 minutes, approached the counter and explained our situation and was told by the officer that we should go direct to DP 10 counter (which was at level 3) submit the application for DP10 and the DP10 officers will deal direct with his department on whether to impose any penalty for our overstay.

Went back down to level 3 to DP10 department and was told that DP10 is for EP - employment pass and we have to go to the other side which is DP 11 (Dependant Pass under employment). Finally, nearing the end of the day, we arrived at the correct counter and was informed that all we have to do is fill in the DP11A form, and S-Pass form (for our overstay- only applicable if overstaying less than 30 days and you have to pay RM100) and submit the application together with the relevant documentation required. Oh wow, if only things were clear from morning and everyone in all the various visa department in Malaysia Immigration is clear of the procedures and give correct information to the public first hand, we would not have been pushed from one counter to the other the whole day. Needless to say, we were very stressed out from the visit.

So, to avoid disappointment when trying to apply for a dependant pass (under employment)  these are the things that you need to do:

1. Download and print the DP11A application here.

2. Make sure you have your company's stamp on the form.

3. A passport size photo for each dependant.

4. Photocopy of all pages of each dependant's passport (2 copies each if you are form People's Republic of China)

5. Photocopy of all pages of the principal's passport.

6. Personal bond with RM10 stamp if applying for a dependant pass for your parents / child above 21 years old / step child (please check this requirement if applicable direct with the immigration)

7. Photocopy of birth certificates of your children (translated and certified true copies by your embassy if the original document is not in Bahasa Malaysia or English).

8.   Photocopy of your marriage certificate (translated and certified true copies by your embassy if the original document is not in Bahasa Malaysia or English).

The above process will take 7 working days but mine is taking longer because there is a backlog. Our agent submitted our application on 28 march 2012 and after 7 working days exactly, I called the immigration department up to check on the status (after trying to get through the whole morning and being asked to call different extension numbers) I was informed that there is a backlog and they are still processing applications submitted on 14 March 2012. hmmm..

After this approval process, it will take another 3 working days -supposedly- for you to submit your original dependants' passports and have it stamped with the dependant pass.

Below are some important numbers should you need to call up Malaysia Immigration:

General Hotline (the best chance of getting through):
03-8880 1000

Visa Department Hotline (Very very slim chance of getting through):
03-8880 1571

Direct line to DP11 (slightly better chance than the visa department but most likely be answered by a-couldn't-be-bothered-to-help man who will ask you to call another number all within 30 seconds)

03-8880-1440 (DP10 department)
03-8880-1434 and 03-8880-1444 (DP11A - to check status of application)

Immigration Website address :

Let me know if you have any other direct numbers or further information that will be useful to other readers.

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