Friday, May 11, 2012

Opening A Bank Account in Malaysia With A Dependant Pass

When I recently arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia two years back, I remembered that the first thing I wanted to do was to open a bank account. Unfortunately, at that time as I was on a social visit visa, I couldn't open a bank account. Two years has passed since we first started to call Kuala Lumpur our home and I seem to have managed without a bank account just fine. But, recently, since hubby has started working and I am really itching to sign up with Nuffnang Ads Malaysia, I decided that it's high time to open a bank account. 

I have narrowed down two banks to open an account with in Kuala Lumpur; Maybank and CIMB Bank. These are two banks with prominent presence in Kuala Lumpur and widely used by online vendors to facilitate easy online payments (Maybank2u or CIMBClicks). 

First stop: Maybank

A quick enquiry reveals that as a dependant pass holder, you need these documents to open your own savings or current account with Maybank:

  • original passport and valid visa 
  • a copy of the front page of your passport and visa page
  • original passport of the primary pass holder with a valid visa (your spouse)
  • a copy of the front page of the primary pass holder and visa page
  • a letter from institution (if the primary pass holder is on student pass) or company (if the primary pass holder is on employment pass) stating that you are the spouse of the primary pass holder and that the primary pass holder is a student / an employee in that institution / company. 
  • marriage certificate (this is at the bank officer's discretion)

Please ensure that the letter includes the primary pass holder's name and passport number,your name and your passport number, and a direct line to an officer for the bank officer to contact for confirmation purpose. 

Once you have the documents ready, all you need is to sign some forms and request for a Maybank Visa Debit Card and Maybank Internet Banking (don't forget to also register your mobile number for 2FA or TAC as they call it here) and you are all set. Please note that the minimum deposit required for opening the bank account is RM250.

Second Stop: CIMB Bank

This extra quick enquiry disappointingly reveals that as a dependant pass holder you can not open a personal bank account. You need the primary pass holder to be with you at the point of opening the bank account and it has to be a joint account. What a bummer. All other documentation required are as per Maybank above. I forgot the exact amount required for deposit on opening the bank account but I do remember it to be higher than Maybank's requirement. 

Hope the above info helps.