Friday, May 11, 2012

Trouble Signing Up With Nuffnang Ads

When I was just starting out blogging and was interested in looking at avenues to start making money from my blog other than using google adwords, I saw a number of Singapore and Malaysia blogs featuring advertisements from Nuffnang. I was quite eager to try out Nuffnang but tried many times to sign up online to no avail. My problem is always the incorrect freecaps image entered even though i keyed in the words many times and reloaded a new image just to ensure that I key in the new one right. After trying out for about 5 times each time on many different occasions I gave up. But then one day, I decided to call up Nuffnang Malaysia as I can't stand to believe that other bloggers are able to sign up whereas I am having difficulty. It turned out that the problem is resolved simply by deleting your browser's cache and instantly I managed to sign up as a Nuffnang Blogger. 

Unfortunately, I signed up under Singapore Nuffnang Ads as I figured the payment procedures will be easier BUT my audience are more to Malaysians and I did not know that Singapore Nuffnang Ads are not integrated with Malaysia Nuffnang Ads, that means Nuffnang Ads do not have the technology like Google Adwords to automatically detect your audience country and serve ads relevant to their country or interests. As such, even though my status as a Nuffnang Ads Blogger is Glitterati (this status is automatically conferred to you if your blog traffic is quite decent) I am earning very little from CTR as the Singapore Nuffnang Ads served are not relevant to the majority of my readers who are Malaysian. So, bloggers, please take note of your audience and sign up with the correct Nuffnang Ads (Singapore/ Malaysia/Australia/Philippines/China/Hong Kong).