Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Zoo - Animal Feeding for Kids and Toddlers

Feeding rabbits at KL Zoo

We have visited Zoo Negara (Kuala Lumpur Zoo) a number of times with the kids as the kids love to see the animals and usually as the Kuala Lumpur Zoo has no stroller nor scooter facilities, speakers which do not really function well and eateries which serves food that is not very palatable, we often try to keep the visit to under 1 hour. 

Firstly we will turn left from the entrance of the zoo to see the elephants and giraffes, then detour back near the entrance for the tram ride. The tram ride basically covers the elephants, giraffes, big cats, buffaloes, goats, ostriches, rhinos and hippos. You have to get down the tram if you want to see the bears, crocodiles, snakes, apes flying foxes and what not. But, our kids are quite happy with just the tram ride. 

This trip though, after the tram ride, we decided to check out "Children's World", I have always thought that it is some kind of kids' playground or pony riding area but apparently it's a place for the kids to feed the miniature horses, goats, rabbits, deers and tortoises. It costs RM3 for a bunch of leafy greens and long beans and RM5 for two bunches. We bought two bunches and the kids still wanted more. (Readers: Note that we came again on 26th May 2012 and was told that there is no animal feeding and that you can only pet the animals, animal feeding are totally at the discretion of the keepers and they have no fixed schedule. If you manage to catch them, It will be around 12.00-1.00pm -Sigh.. I guess we were lucky that Mother's Day, our kids were totally disappointed this time round)

The miniature horse that we fed at KL Zoo - he is so beautiful and gentle

One of the miniature horses is a bully, so the other miniature horses was scared to come up for a feed as the bully will charge to him every time someone tries to feed him. The miniature horse only gets a feed when the bully is busy being fed by someone else. We gave the miniature horse most of our long beans, he was very gentle and not aggressive.

The deers and rabbits are also very gentle and do not snatch the greens forcefully from us. The only aggressive eaters are the goats, they come in a group and try to stick their heads out of the fences and even climbed part of it. My scaredy toddler didn't want to go near them so I asked him to throw the feed into the enclosure instead. 

Feeding Goats at KL Zoo

We finished our Kuala Lumpur Zoo trip with a walk past the gibbons and monkeys and was also treated to a sight of the hippos out of the water for their feeding (it was about 2pm). All in all, it was a fun animal feeding trip at Kuala Lumpur Zoo :)