Thursday, May 17, 2012

Resepi Masakan Sihat : Teriyaki Chicken With Apple and Mango Salad

This was our third salad dinner, yes.. I love my meat and my salad aren't in the strictest sense, but still it's a healthier change from my normal calorie laden typical asian rice dinner.

Recipe for Teriyaki Chicken With Apple and Mango Salad:

200gm chicken fillet
2 tbsp teriyaki marinade
1 red apple - diced
1 large ripe mango - diced
A handful of Iceberg Lettuce
A handful of Pea Sprout
A dollop of sour cream - if desired

How to prepare the salad?

1. Marinate the chicken with the teriyaki marinade and grill on the saucepan till tender.
2. Toss the lettuce, pea sprout, apple and mango together.

That's it, fast and easy. You can also add in some strawberries if you like :)