Sunday, March 5, 2017

Halal Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Seven7h Cucina @ Novena

Seven7h Cucina at Novena Regency

Saw a facebook share by a friend on fb about a halal Italian restaurant in Singapore called Seven7h Cucina and told hubby that we should check it out. We went there last December during Christmas as the two elder kiddos were on holiday with grandpa and grandma and we can pretend that we are a young couple with a baby :p 

First of all, the place was quite new Novena Regency? anyone familiar with it? hubby was like.. where is this place? where to park? where is the entrance? So.. yup.. keep your eyes peeled on the road so you won't miss the entrance to the car park. When we went there.. the place was still empty on the inside.. the sidewalk units were pretty much taken by eateries though.. 

Arriving there, there was a family having Christmas lunch together (assuming) and another small family out for a late lunch like us. My toddler was absolutely hungry and I thought our food might take some time so I ordered for him dessert first. Dessert selection on display wasn't much so I just ordered Panna Cotta. It was surprisingly nice... soft and creamy with the added sweetness of the fruit.. my then 1.5 yo licked the thing clean. 

Matcha Latte and Panna Cotta @ Seven7h Cucina Novena Regency

My Matcha Latte (was being adventurous) wasn't too bad but I am not a fan of anything matcha actually.

Husband ordered calamari and it was so soft and tender and paired very well with the sour cream sauce. Nice! After trying the calamari here.. others just don't cut it :p 

halal food novena singapore
Calamari @ Seven7h Cucina - Novena Regency

I ordered some kind of a fish dish but the server heard wrongly and what came was truffle fries instead. It was so-so for me as I am not a big fan of truffles. 

halal food singapore
Truffle Fries @ Seven7h Cucina - Novena Regency

Browsing through the menu.. I saw that there was a lot of pizza options but I didn't want to eat pizza for lunch you know... so I ordered Carbonara with poached egg just so I would know how it taste like in case we are going to bring my no 2 here.. 

The carbonara is cheese and egg.. no cream.. not too bad I guess, just that the poached egg is of course runny.. so I don't think I am comfortable with letting my 1.5 yo eat the carbonara and I think my no 2 will also not like the taste since he is used to creamy carbonara and not the authentic version hehe..

halal restaurants singapore
Carbonara @ Seven7h Cucina - a new halal Italian restaurant @ Novena Regency

Husband ordered steak.. and finished it before I could taste some (was busy running around with the 1.5 yo) he said it was nothing special.. hmm...

halal food singapore
Steak @ Seven7h Cucina - Novena Regency

We also ordered pumpkin soup.. it was quite hearty but the spices is also a bit heavy.. so my baby didn't like it.. but I kind of like it.. 

All in all.. I think its a nice place for couples (or maybe pizza aficionados) and maybe for families with kids who can eat pretty much anything.. but if you have fickle kids like mine who tend to stick to food they are accustomed to.. you might wanna give this place a miss.. we are most probably not coming back to this place unless we are nearby and hungry..

Seven7h Cucina is open daily from 11:00am - 4:00pm, 5:00pm - 10:30pm 
Tel : +65 6493 2134

Map of Seven7h Cucina :