Thursday, February 2, 2012

KL Kids Day Out @ Sentul Park

Sentul Park @ Sentul West houses the KL Performance Arts Centre (KLPAC) but we were not there for KLPAC, rather we were there to survey the koi centre someone mentioned and to see whether the kids can just go in and see the koi fishes without us buying anything :p 

Sentul Park Koi Centre

In the compound of Sentul Park Koi Centre : Beautiful but we only saw 2 koi fishes in the pond.

Well, turns out you can hang around the Sentul Park Koi Centre as it shares the same entrance as Yuritei Tea House but you won't be able to see much koi there and it will be kind of awkward . The koi for sale are at the back of the Koi Centre and you can only access it together with the staff. 

At the back of Sentul Park Koi Centre

KL Kids Day out @ Sentul Park Koi Centre

We are not really koi enthusiasts, we just want to buy some fish for our kids, so we asked for the cheapest koi there, it cost about RM30 per fish. Out of curiosity, we asked for the most expensive koi and they informed us that the most expensive koi that they have ever sold was for RM400k, err..well.. these people must have lots of money lying around to be able to spend RM400k just on a koi. We settled for the "test fish" you know the small baby koi that they let you bring back for free to see if your koi pond is suitable for the fish to live in when you buy koi from the koi centre. We asked if we can just buy ten of the test fish instead just to keep our kids happy.'s been 3 weeks and the test fishes are still alive and growing bigger too. The kids love feeding the fish every other day, so.. everything turns out fine.  

Outside the Sentul Park Koi Centre, there are lots of fishes in this pond

Outside the Koi Centre, there is a big pond and there are lots of fishes and some turtles too. But, the water is a bit murky. So, if you live in Sentul East or Sentul West and you have kids, you might want to bring them to Sentul Park in the morning or evening (morning is better, mosquitoes abound in the evening, prepare your insect repellent) and bring something to feed the fish there. 

The look out : no shelter though and dangerous to leave the kids alone.

My kids and my small cousin looking at the fishes and turtles

Where's the turtle mommy?

Sentul Park is also beautiful though there seems to be lack of shelter and playground. Nevertheless, it's good for some running and exercising in the open space. Bring a ball or a frisbee and spend an hour with your kids here, I'm sure they will enjoy it. Do note that you have to bring your own drinks as there is no drink dispenser around the area. (Not sure about KLPAC as I didn't venture inside)

@ Sentul West

Perfect for a photo shoot!

There is also an old dilapidated building in the area, which to me is so gorgeous and would be perfect for an outdoor wedding photo shoot. Hee hee, how I wish I can turn back time, I can just imagine a bride in white looking gorgeous with the old building as the back drop. So romantic!

Well, Sentul Park is indeed a gem tucked in Sentul West. At least there is a place to go with the kids nearby for The Maple (@ Sentul West), Tamarind and The Saffron (@Sentul East) residents (and others too!). I hope YTL will do more to make Sentul East and Sentul West a kids friendly place. How about a good enrichment centre or montessori pre-school at D6 or D7? Or an indoor kids playground? Now, that will be very convenient. 

Map of Sentul Park:

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