Monday, January 6, 2014

Arts Class for Kids @ Busy Hands; Publika - Kuala Lumpur

arts classes for kids in kuala lumpur
Arts Class at Publika; KL (Busy Hands)

kids classes ttdi
Arts Class for kids @ Busy Hands KL 

After the sad incident at the arts and craft class at Peekaboo the other day.. my 3.5 year old is hesitant whenever I asked him if he would like to go to an arts class. But, he really needs to go to one as his pencil skills are really poor (his grip is too soft and not firm) and thus he is also not able to trace lines / shapes properly. I figured I need an arts teacher who is also a mother to understand a child's emotions and encourage / instill the love for art and not dampen his confidence. 

My friend Deepti has been running an arts class for kids in Dubai before relocating to Kuala Lumpur and has recently started the class here. Since we live close by, I thought why not? The kids are familiar with Deepti and her daughter Savannah and since Deepti also teaches pre-schoolers, her arts usually incorporates basic shapes and letters that the kids need to learn how to draw and write. Fantastic!

At the moment, she runs the class on a Saturday (max 4 kids per session - 1 hour per session). You can contact her through her facebook page here. 

arts and craft pra sekolah
Arts for Preschoolers @ Busy Hands KL

The kids get to choose what they want to draw on the first class. Mikail chose a dog and Umair chose a cat. For Mikail's drawing, Deepti draw one side of the page (left side) and asked him to copy on the other side (given the fact that my kids have never participate in a drawing class before, I am quite proud of them especially since the mom is totally hopeless at drawings!) I love the fact that the trees incorporated the letter "V", the dog's ear is a letter "U" the tree is an upside down "U", lots of circles and the side of the bones are the number "3". You get the idea :)

The same thing with Umair's cat, Deepti drew the one on the left and asked him to copy on the right. Lots of triangles, circles and an oval :) For my dear Umair who is not writing / drawing properly yet. I am so proud of him!! 
arts for preschool mont kiara
Arts for Preschoolers @ Busy Hands KL; Publika

Definitely continuing this class for Umair :)