Monday, January 13, 2014

Halal Food Singapore : Fish and Co Restaurant @ Bugis (BHG)

singapore halal restaurants bugis
Halal Restaurant Singapore: Fish and Co @ Bugis
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Fish & Co's interior at Bugis

Fish and Co! Somehow or rather even though Fish and Co is available in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, we love the Singapore outlets more! Seafood seems bigger and fresher here, so when we were stuck at BHG Bugis for one hour and the tummy starts grumbling, we thought what are our options for halal food at BHG Bugis?

Fish and Co
and maybe a halal stall at Food Junction Level 3

So, Fish and Co it is then.. went down to level 1, headed towards the other side of BHG where TCC is but couldn't see any signs for Fish and Co, I remember vaguely that it was on the side of the building where you can easily see it by the roadside so we walked past Nandos (long queue there btw) and walked by the side near the road. Fish and Co is after TCC and a japanese restaurant, phew.. the long walk was not for nothing :) 

Tummies rumbling.. we ordered like hungry savages who have not eaten for months haha.. a seafood platter for one for him and a danish fish and chips for yours truly but I really liked their Tiger Prawns (Add on at SGD5.95 per piece - cheap isn't it?) so I ordered two of those and hubby wanted to try the prawn fritters (its also for our 4 year old son who loves prawns) the red velvet cake is for our 6 year old :) Drinks? A giant jungle freeze. Oh My!

halal restaurants singapore
Halal Food Singapore : Fish & Co @ Bugis
The above is Hubby's seafood platter for 1. The serving is generous though with 2 tiger prawns, mussels and fish. I didn't order this cos I don't like this fish, I find the fish bland. And fries and rice just makes you very full.

halal restaurants singapore bugis
Halal Food Singapore; Fish and Co @ Bugis

Prawn fritters - the batter was crispy but on the thin side, the prawn is quite big and juicy. Goes well with the crispy iceberg salad and sweet chili sauce.

singapore makanan halal bugis
Halal Food Singapore : Fish and Co @ Bugis

I ordered Danish Fish and Chips and my goodness the fish was so big, I couldn't finish it up (cos I ate the tiger prawns first and also half of hubby's prawn fritter :o ) I really like the fish, the batter was crispy but the fish meat was super tender and oozing with mozzarella cheese.. waaah .. every bite was like a dream ( a fish and chips dream that is haha) Fries was also lightly salted. Very nice :)

makanan halal singapura
Halal Food Singapore : Tiger Prawns at Fish & Co Bugis

The tiger prawns.. were juicy, thick, fresh and oozing with garlic lemon butter sauce (I'm guessing this) for SGD 5.95 per piece, it's almost too good to be true :) Eat it while its still warm!

singapore halal restaurants bugis
Halal Food Singapore : Fish and Co @ Bugis
The red velvet cake was for my 6 year old since he love cakes very much. It's a pretty decent red velvet cake, the cake was soft and the cheese was light.

jalan jalan cari makan singapore
Halal Food Singapore : Fish and Co @ Bugis

This humongous drink is called Jungle Freeze, it's mostly ice and the ice won't melt very fast making the process of drinking this quite difficult. It's not fizzy and it's really nice and not too sweet with lychee and rambutan among other fruits in this brrr concoction .

We walked out of the restaurant very full and satisfied indeed that day.. aaaahh.. Singapore, you always make me gain weight whenever I come back!