Monday, January 13, 2014

Cheap Halal Food @ Singapore Airport Terminal 3 Kopitiam

halal food terminal 3 changi airport
Halal Nasi Padang @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 B1

It's a sunday morning and the kids need breakfast, we wanted to eat prata at Mr Prata but nenek's flight was due to touch down at 11.00am at Changi Airport Terminal 3 so we decided to just eat at the food court at B1 called Kopitiam even though we were not sure whether there would be prata for the kids or otherwise. 
singapore changi airport food places halal
"Kopitiam Food Court" at Changi Airport Terminal 3 B1

We were quite surprised to see 3 halal stalls there (there is also Popeye's Fast Food Restaurant next to Kopitiam which is also halal by the way). One halal stall was selling chicken rice, the other is Nasi Padang and the last one is Indian food. The Nasi Padang stall already have lots of dishes ready at 10.30am but I was not in the mood for Nasi Padang for breakfast. I saw that it also offers Mee Rebus so I ordered that instead. Hubby decided to eat Mee Siam (also from the same stall) and the kids got their Cheese Prata (with sugar err its something they pick up from their paternal grandmother and cousins) from the indian stall. 

street food changi airport singapore
Singapore Street Food : Mee Rebus at Changi Airport Terminal 3 B1 

The Mee Rebus was slightly more expensive than usual $6.50 but it's expected since the rental at the airport must be very high. The noodle was abundant with the gravy overflowing and generous amount of green chilies and tofu. Taste wise it is better than average though a tad sweet. 

restoran halal singapore airport
Singapore Local Eats : Mee Siam at Singapore Changi Airport T3

Husband finished up his Mee Siam before I got the chance to try it as I was queuing for drinks. All he said was "not bad". 
singapore street food
Singapore Local Food : Cheese Prata

The kiddos prata was also acceptable. It was soft because of the cheese but crispy on the outside and not stringy. I was quite bummed out that hubby didn't ask for the curry since a good curry is an important part of an unforgettable prata experience :p 

singapore food blog
Teh Si @ Changi Airport T3 Kopitiam - Loving the old school cup and saucer :)

While queuing for the drinks, people kept ordering "teh si" and I was so curious I had to ask the lady in front of me what is teh si? She said it's tea with evaporated milk, so it's more fragrant (less sweet that using condensed milk, chinese favor this over the indian teh tarik, a more potent milk tea which is sweet because of the use of condensed milk) I ordered one for myself :) My only complain? The cup is too small!

Anyways, the kopitiam is usually crowded in the evenings but surprisingly empty for breakfast. Then again the airport is not high on the locals list for a weekend breakfast.