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Halal Food KL - Tajine Restaurant Review

best middle eastern restaurant in kl
Middle East Restaurant in KL : Tajine Restaurant @ Menara Goldhill; Jalan Tun Razak

Whenever we pass by Jalan Tun Razak, I will always notice Tajine Restaurant at Bintang Goldhill but never seem to have any urge to try it. Probably because it's below a condo and there's nothing much to do after you eat there unlike eating in a restaurant in a shopping mall. But then one day, I was searching for "customized spring pocketed L-shape sofa in Kuala Lumpur" and one of the results showed a company customizing seats for Tajine at Bintang Goldhill, I told my husband the interior of the restaurant actually look nice, do you think it's ridiculous to eat at Tajine just to see the workmanship of this sofa maker? and husband amazingly acceded to my whim. 

It was a saturday around 5pm and traffic was good but it we didn't know where to park. In the end, we just park by the roadside. We wanted to park at the hospital "Beverly Wilshire" parking area (next to Bintang Goldhill) but the exterior of the hospital looks like its not operating and the guards at the back were busy talking to themselves and ignoring us.

The interior of Tajine Restaurant was lovely and cosy. It has an alfresco area, where a table was already taken with 2 men smoking shisha and 1 lady chilling out all looking at their smartphones instead of talking to each other. There is also air-conditioned area and another level up which I didn't explore but hubby and kids did. 

chickpeas arabic appetizer
Middle East Restaurant in KL : Tajine Restaurant at Menara Goldhill; Jalan Tun Razak

best middle eastern restaurant in kl
Middle Eastern Restaurant in KL - Tajine Restaurant @ Menara Goldhill ; Jalan Tun Razak

Appetizer was of course hummus with arabic bread. Standard hummus here, no fault found :) bread was soft and not very thin, also very nice.

I was looking at the menu and saw that they have tajine kofta and I was craving for kofta so I gotta to order that. I asked for rice so that I can eat it with kofta and feed my child too :)

tajine restaurant kl review
Fluffy Rice @ Tajine Restaurant - KL

best arabic restaurant in kl
Lamb Kofta Tajine @ Tajine Restaurant KL

Rice was soft, fluffy and aromatic and kofta was tender yummy lamb meatballs in tomato gravy that has a hint of spice. Although it is not the same is my SIL's MIL's kofta recipe, it did sate my craving :)

makan best di kl
Mixed Grill @ Tajine Restaurant KL

Hubby ordered mixed grill and even though it's presentation is very lacking, the taste is pretty decent, among the better mixed grills of the numerous middle eastern restaurants in KL plus the garlic sauce was very delish, so delish that hubby asked for a second helping that costed us RM2.00 (heh?) 

makanan arab kuala lumpur best
Macarona Beschamel @ Tajine Restaurant KL

I ordered Macarona Beschamel for my no 1 kiddo but he was too engrossed eating the arabic bread that he didn't finish the macarona. Funnily, he ate the macarona with the bread! Mummy tasted the macarona and went mmmmm.... nice! its a bit more gooey than I like and the lamb is generous (I prefer the macarona to have more firmness, less lamb and a bit more tomato-ish gravy) But still a very nice dish though the serving is small. 

tajine restaurant kl
Arabic Tea in a pot - a must for me when dining in a middle eastern restaurant :p

Arabic tea came in a pot and the kids enjoyed stirring the sugar with the teaspoon -as usual- and finishing up 2/3 of the pot. Leaving only a bit for mummy to enjoy.

It was a nice early quiet dinner with the family. Except for the lack of parking space, we think it's a lovely place to bring friends / family for dinner next time they come up KL for a visit :)

I think Tajine Restaurant has a few branches in KL but the one that I went to was at :

Menara Bintang Goldhill
239 Jalan Tun Razak
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Map of Tajine Restaurant:


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