Friday, October 14, 2011

Singapore for Kids - Air Force Museum

If you are looking for a way to spend a lazy Sunday with the kids somewhere comfortable and away from the crowd, you might want to check out Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum at 400 Airport Road. Admission is free and the kids will surely love gawking at the planes, helicopters and missiles on display at the outdoor gallery. It is also very informative for us adults as it explains the history of Republic of Singapore Arm Force (RSAF) from its formation to its current role. It's a small museum (probably take about 1 hour to cover it at a leisurely pace)  with just one small convenience shop and the most convenient way is to drive there, still if your kids love airplanes and you love history, this place still have some charm, we certainly enjoyed our trip there. 

Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum 

Outdoor Display

Outdoor Display

Outdoor Gallery

That's a missile!

That's a drone!

Listening to History

Is that you MM Lee?

I get dizzy just looking at the switches.

My son the F16 pilot :)

For more information on RSAF Museum please go to their website here.

Map of the museum: