Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Singapore Kids - The Polliwogs ; A Toddler Friendly Indoor Playground

Singapore Indoor Playground - The Polliwogs

indoor play area

There are a number of indoor playgrounds in Singapore due to the hot weather during summer and heavy rain during monsoon season. Exploring indoor playgrounds is like a ritual to me as I find it a convenient way of letting the kids expend their energy while mummy sits comfortably nearby.

Today, I brought my kids to The Polliwogs at East Coast Parkway just to see whether it's as good as Kids Explorer at E-hub Pasir Ris or Singkids Playsystem at Changi Airport Terminal 3. 

I was pleasantly surprised, so far out of all the three indoor playgrounds, this is the most suitable for my kids (3 yo and 18 mo) my first son, who all the while refuses to be adventurous and climb anything actually wasn't intimidated by the climbing play area while my second son explored everything from the start. I think it's really because the design is really friendly. The steps are very easy to climb and grip and the area is quite spaced out so that even when it's quite crowded your kids will still have some personal space. There are 6 slides (I think) and only 1 is quite high, 1 splash right into a pool of balls and the other 4 are paired 2 by 2 which is great as I saw 1 lady slide down side by side with her kid (what fun!) The only gripe is I think the slide is a tad too slippery, my son woosh-ed down so fast and landed more than a few steps away from the bottom of the slide and he weighs 14.5kg. I had to slide down with my 18 mo on my lap.

Sitting area for parents are also quite big though most take up more than the seat required which makes you quite uncomfortable to just plonk down on an empty seat. Food looks yummy but I didn't check whether there's any item that is halal-certified, would be great if they serve those pre-packed halal certified sandwiches like 7-11, doesn't really matter though cos Burger King is just a few shops down :) I was quite hungry after running around with the kids. Baby changing area is neat and the toilet is suitable for small kids too.

This machine shoots soft small balls in the air and is such a hit with the kids.

That - my son will not try

My 18 mo balancing on the bridge, the bigger kids had fun swaying on it

Look at the concentration on my 3yo face!

The Play Pad, another big hit with the small kiddos

The Polliwogs is at 1020 East Coast Parkway, near Long Beach Seafood and behind Waraku Japanese Restaurant, you should enter the car park at Waraku (the right side from car park entrance).

It is open weekdays (10.00am - 7.00pm) weekends (10.00am - 8.00pm)

Charges are: 
Weekdays $16 for 2 years and above and $8 for below 2 years (unlimited play)
Weekends $18 for 2 years and above and $8 for below 2 years ( 90 mins of play) 
Pay extra for extended playtime on weekends. 

In my opinion, it's best to go on weekdays because my kids spent 2 hours there and still refused to go back and there's quite a number of families there even on weekdays, can't imagine how packed it is on weekends. I will definitely go there again, well until my son turns 5 or 6 yo then I think Kids Explorer will be more suitable for him. 

What a tiring but fun day - Big Smiles Everyone!