Monday, October 31, 2011

Halal Seafood Singapore - Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre

It's been a while since we last visited Newton Food Centre, we took the opportunity to enjoy the seafood there  as we had left the kids with my parents for the evening. The last time we went there was sometime in December 2010 and we left with me resolving to complain to MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore) about the widespread usage of the MUIS halal logo on the seafood stalls signboards without the halal certificate being displayed. 

Well, the e-mail was certainly sent to MUIS though there was no reply up until now but the situation at Newton Food Centre has greatly improved, I would say, there are more stalls with the halal logo on the signboards and the valid halal certificates are prominently displayed. 

We headed to our favorite stall no 46 Jian Fa Seafood (which we didn't patronize last December due to halal certificate not displayed) and were very pleased that the halal certificate was prominently shown at the stall front. Yeay! We can enjoy our seafood dinner tonight! Yummy.. as usual we ordered tom yum, kangkong belacan, garlic tiger prawn and chilli crab to go with two plates of white rice.

Chilli Crab

Garlic Tiger Prawn (Front) Kankong Belacan (Back-Right) Sambal Belacan (Back-Left)

Tom Yum

Tom Yum was not too spicy with generous portion of squids, clams, prawns and mushrooms. Kangkung Belacan don't really look very appetizing but tasted great nonetheless. Garlic Tiger Prawn was huge and fresh, you must dip it in the accompanying sambal belacan if you want the extra kick. Chilli crab was also not very spicy (I think they cater to the tourist tastebuds) but still fresh and taste nice and what we like about the stall is that they will crack the crab's hard shell for you. Mmmm..mmm.. of course you won't really enjoy the meal if you eat with the plastic fork and spoon, get down and dirty with your hands.. now that was a finger licking dinner! Total cost? SGD114.00

The lady boss at this stall seems to be good friends with her customers and many are returning customers (like me) if you decide to try some other stalls, do be sure to check the scales and prices before ordering as there are some stalls that charge notorious price for tourist (erm and maybe unwitting locals too - cos we were cheated once during our second visit, which was quite some time back)

After dinner wash everything down with thirst quenching lemon sugarcane juice, though this time around I went for Mango Juice instead. 

Fruit Stall

Newton Food Centre is still our preferred halal seafood hawker centre for variety of dishes, size and freshness of seafood even though the price is a bit on the high side. We would recommend this place over East Coast Hawker Centre as the halal seafood selection there is quite limited. 

Newton Food Centre is just a walking distance form Newton MRT station and below is the map

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