Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Day Trip to Berjaya Hills - Colmar

Colmar Tropicale by Berjaya Hills

First week December 2011 was quite a busy period, a number of friends came down to Kuala Lumpur that We didn't manage to entertain all of them. We did manage to spend some time with Kak Siti and family and their good friend Kak Sunita and family. The kids had great fun together. 

On one of the days, we tagged along with them on a day trip to Colmar Tropicale by Berjaya Hills. It was our first time visiting the place and they had relied on my husband to lead the way. After navigating through the KL traffic during lunch hour, we were on the highway headed for Colmar Tropicale. Look out for the exit "Berjaya Hills" cos if you miss that you have to make a U-turn that is only available about 23km down. 

The street at Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills

Finally, we arrived at Colmar Tropicale by Berjaya Hills at 3.45pm. There is an entrance fee charged for Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Garden. Colmar Tropicale is 24 hours while Japanese Garden is open till 6.00pm. 

Kids and adults alike snapping away pictures of the colorful horse statues

There is actually nothing much to do at Colmar Tropicale except taking pictures against the backdrop of the replica of the real Colmar at Alsace; France. I would say that the idea is there, the natural landscape and weather are conducive but the implementation or maybe the maintenance of the resort is very lacking. Where are the quaint cafes serving delicious delicacies? Where are the colorful flowers that delights the sight? The vision of Colmar might have been grand but the performance falls flat. 

Firstly, basic amenities like toilet are not even adequate for a tourist attraction. Each toilet has either one or two cubicles only with no water pipe for washing up in the cubicle in a Muslim majority country. The toilet smells especially the one at the hotel lobby. There is no baby changing facility and the surau is a converted old hotel room with the toilet all mouldy. 

Secondly, there was a magic show going on when we arrived but the stage lighting was very poor. 

Thirdly, there is nothing much for kids here except for some kiddy rides and sand art (which is available anywhere in KL) and 2 statues of horses drawing a carriage. 

Horse Trails at Berjaya Hills

Horse riding for adults only at Berjaya Hills

We left after grabbing some light bites and headed straight for the Horse Trail at Berjaya Hills. Unfortunately, the Horse Trail is only for adults and there are no ponies for the kids to ride on. Off we go then to the Animal Park.

Rabbits at Animal Park at Berjaya Hills

My no 1 feeding a rabbit at Berjaya Hills

The Animal Park at Berjaya Hills has an entrance fee of RM3.00 and houses rabbits and donkeys only. They also have a playground and an indoor  pool of balls. You have to pay additional fees for the rabbit feed and donkey ride if you are interested in those activities. 

Donkeys at the Animal Park at Berjaya Hills

Donkey Ride at Berjaya Hills
Donkey Ride at Berjaya Hills next to the Golf Course

So, was the drive up to Berjaya Hills worth it? For Colmar Tropicale a resounding no unless you have a lot of time to kill in KL, for the Animal Park maybe if you have never been on a donkey before but then again there are lots of opportunities for a pony ride in Singapore that I don't think it's that much of a deal. Rabbits? I heard that there is also a rabbit farm in Shah Alam but have yet to check that one out. 

Ball area

Playground at Animal Park

To the people behind Berjaya Hills, if you are reading this, please engage a consultant and revamp the whole place. If Malaysia is really serious about being a world class tourist attraction, it better start taking things seriously in setting the standard for world class tourist friendly and kids friendly attractions.