Sunday, December 4, 2011

Driver License Malaysia

Getting a driver license in Malaysia is an necessity if you are planning to stay medium to long term here. Even though the traffic is intimidating, the public transportation is still lacking, the rail system serves limited areas outside the city centre, waiting time for buses are quite long and the taxis availability  (on road or on call) are unreliable ranging to a few minutes to what seems like forever. 

It's quite easy to get a driver license in Malaysia, it's best that you sign up at a Driving School because even if you sign up with the smaller operators; who might charge cheaper, they will still take you to the driving school to sit through the theory classes and sometimes these small operators are only cheap if you are confident of passing the first time round, their "Learn Until You Pass Package" is full of clauses, do read the fine lines properly and ask a lot of questions if their price is less than RM800. 

I signed up with Metro Driving Academy and took their "Learn Until You Pass" package, cost me about RM1200 with no extra hidden cost (price may vary according to franchise and whether you are treated as Malaysian or Foreigner) They provide a pick-up and drop off service from your residence to the driving school too. 

To get a driver license in Malaysia you need to go through the "6682" from 1st January 2012.

1) 6 hours of theory class where they will teach you about road rules and regulations and road safety (English class is only on Thursdays; every other week)

2) After that you have to take a computer test (fastest you can take is 3 days after the theory class-if you fail this, you can only retake the test a week after, passing rate is 42/50) 

3) 3 hours of theory class on driving skills and 3 hours of practical lesson on the driving circuit (which can be done same day; hence the "6" or separated)

4) After this, your agent will pass your passport photo (2 pieces) a copy of your passport - front and visa page- and a copy of your certificate of passing the computer test to the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) and you will receive you "L" Driver License in a week's time.

5) Then, you can start your 8 hours (min) of driving lessons with your instructor.

6) One month after your "L" Driver license is given out, you can sit for your driving test to get your "P" Driver License (Malaysia).

All in all, if you really want to fast track your driver license in Malaysia, it will take you less than 2 months. 

I do need to inform you that the computer test includes color tests, so if you are color blind, it's almost impossible to get a driver license in Malaysia.