Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thai Express : Halal Thai Restaurant in KL

Thai Express is our favorite halal restaurant for convenient thai food in an air-conditioned environment in Kuala Lumpur. I don't think Thai Express is halal-certified in Singapore as they are not listed in the halal directory. 

In Singapore, I would choose Siam Kitchen any day over Bali Thai for halal certified thai restaurant while in Kuala Lumpur, we would eat at Thai Express only because it is one of the rare Thai restaurants that have a halal certification instead of "our supplier are halal certifies" claims. 

Back to Thai Express, currently they only have 1 outlet  in Kuala Lumpur and that is at The Curve Shopping Centre; Mutiara Damansara. 

Our favorite Thai dish at Thai Express is the Beef Basil Rice, yummy.. a simple yet satisfying dish of sliced beef stir fried with fish sauce and basil (among other ingredients) served with sliced cucumber and tomato and fried egg.

Halal Thai Food in KL - Basil Beef with Rice at Thai Express

Recently we tried one of the grilled dishes (prawns and squids) I don't really like the taste of the squids (I like mine well done)  but the prawns were ok and the accompanying sauce is nice enough. 

Thai Cuisine in KL - Grilled Seafood Platter

But, the dish of the day had to be the crispy fried soft shell crab. That dish converted me into a soft shell dish lover (used to dislike soft shell crabs find them difficult to eat) The first time I tried this dish at Thai Express, the crabs were big and fleshy and it was very crispy, I just swallowed everything! It came with mango salad and I would say the mango salad at Thai Express in Kuala Lumpur is among the best mango salad that I've tasted. It's decadent sliced mango, slightly sweet not too sour, with bits of peanuts and small dried prawns and tasted tangy either from freshly squeezed lime or tamarind juice. I absolutely loved it. 

Thai Food in KL - Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab at Thai Express

My first son used to love the pad thai noodle from this place but now he has outgrow his pad thai  noodle phase. Nevertheless, the pad thai noodle here is still recommended. On this trip though, we ordered kway teow noodle soup for my second son. The soup was clear, not spicy but still flavorful. 

Thai Express - Kway Teow Noodle in Clear Soup

My only gripe with Thai Express in Kuala Lumpur is the drinks. The bandung is too sweet, and the lemongrass tea is too overpowering. So far, I only like the red bean drink but still I can't finish the whole glass.

Overall, Thai Express is a Thai restaurant that serves good enough halal Thai food at medium range price with an extensive enough menu to accommodate the whole family. (But the food quality may not be consistent as when we came back another day and ordered the crispy fried soft shell crab again, it was not as fantastic as the first time. This time around the crabs were smaller and a bit soggy not very crispy.. what a bummer)

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