Monday, December 19, 2011

Singapore Zoo Animals - Loads of fun for kids

singapore with kids
My kid posing with the cow at Singapore Zoo's entrance
If you are traveling to Singapore with kids, Singapore Zoological Gardens is a definite tourist attraction to visit. It's a wonderful zoo that not only tourists enjoy but also the locals. 

singapore kids attraction
Scooters, Wagons and Strollers for rental at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is very child-friendly too, amenities like scooters (sadly rental of scooters has cease), wagons, strollers and ponchos are readily available for rental. There is a water park, pony rides, elephant rides and animal feeding through-out the day. You can feed giraffes, elephants, manatees, white rhinoceros, kangaroos and baboons or watch the feeding of jaguars, cheetahs, lions and white tigers among others if the former is not exciting enough for your kids. In short, Singapore Zoo is one tourist attraction in Singapore that you should not miss when traveling with kids. More on feeding time here.

singapore zoo with kids
Elephant Ride at Singapore Zoo

where to bring kids singapore
Elephant bath and elephant ride timings at Singapore Zoo

Enough of looking at animals? Why not introduce them to some Tropical plants at the Tropical Crop Plantation just opposite the Lion enclosure? I like introducing my kids to different types of trees and am proud when they can name different types of trees or plants. There are banana trees, sugarcane trees, mangosteen trees, native herbs used for cooking, paddy and betel nut tree too. 

singapore farm
Banana Tree

The plant that is used to make loofahs?

Paddy at Singapore Zoo

Sireh or Betel Nut at Singapore Zoo

Sugarcane Tree - yummy!

If you are a muslim, there is a surau near the Singapore Zoo entrance, near the loading and unloading bay (tram parking area) there is an ablution area at the back of the room and telekung is also available.

Singapore Zoo Animals:  A Meerkat - Just like in Animals United!
singapore zoo animals
Singapore Zoo Animals: Babirusa - Hakuna Matada..
Halal food is also available at Singapore Zoo as there is a KFC at the entrance and also Ah Meng Restaurant inside the Singapore Zoo compound is halal certified by MUIS. See my post on halal food a Singapore Zoo here.

zoo singapore
Singapore Zoo Animals : Zebras like Madagascar
During our last visit to Singapore Zoo, we went there around 4.30pm and the animals were very active. The pygmy hippos were swimming non-stop and the lions were roaring loudly for like a full 10 minutes (1 lion and 4 lionesses to be exact) . My kids were in awe and kept roaring like a lion all the way home. I like going near closing time even though it means we will miss the shows as the weather is much cooler and the show is not that great anyway (in my opinion the Night Safari show is much better though quite short) though for tourist visiting Singapore, I think 1 whole day with the kids there is very enjoyable. Do take the trams or rent the scooter so that you won't be too tired with all the walking. 

Singapore Zoo Animals : Pygmy Hippo 

Singapore Zoo Animals : Crocodile
These are just some pictures of the animals at Singapore Zoo that I managed to snap keeping in mind that I had a 3 year old and 20 months old in tow :) 

jalan-jalan singapore
The White Tiger at Singapore Zoo

African Lion at Singapore Zoo
The White Rhino at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is open from 8.30am-6.00pm daily, get the park hopper tickets for a reduced admission ticket price. You can get to the zoo by taxi, bus or coach. For more details click here.