Saturday, December 10, 2011

Islamic Restaurant at Asia Square Food Garden

Recently, on an lunch outing to Lau Pa Sat, my father parked at Asia Square Tower 1. It is a new building, with a spacious outdoor area that they named "the cube" with fountains and a large tv screen. My father was perspiring chasing after his two small grandchildren who had fun running around the area. 

"The Cube" at Asia Square between Tower 1 and Tower 2

 I, on the other hand,  just had to check out the Food Garden at Level 2. It was very spacious and decked with greeneries. There is only 1 stall tenanted by a Muslim; Sanur Bundo Nasi Padang by Islamic Restaurant. The stall besides it, Makaan Mumbai also claims that their meat is halal but I didn't ask in detail about the halal certification. 

Asia Square Food Garden

Sanur Bundo by Islamic Restaurant serves bryani, mee goreng and nasi padang. Don't expect full menu like the Islamic Restaurant at North Bridge Road. If you are craving for their kashmiri pulao and palak paneer, this is not the place to get the cravings satisfied. The guy at the stall said that the place just opened slightly over  2 months and recommended their nasi padang. Sadly, I was already full from the not so satisfying lunch at Lau Pa Sat.If I had known about this place, I might give it a try. It's definitely more kids-friendly than Lau Pa Sat. The eating area is huge and the kids can play around near the trees or one of us can bring the kids down to "The Cube" and let them run their heart out or marvel at the fountains (as kids tend to) while the other eat in peace. No need to worry about the kids running out to traffic here. 

Sanur Bundo by Islamic Restaurant at Asia Square food Garden

Other non-halal stalls include; Aston's, Triple O's, Toast Box, The Soup Spoon, Manna Korea and Imperial Treasure among others. 

Though, I am not too sure if people will come to Asia Food Square specially for Food Garden, I think it is a nice addition for lunch option for those working in the area.

Map of Asia Square:

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