Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kids Doctors in Pasir Ris and Tampines

My second son was sick yesterday, he kept vomiting out his milk and look so listless so we decided to visit our  favorite paeditarician in Pasir Ris; Dr Sim from Pasir Ris Baby and Child Clinic at Elias Mall (Tel 6581 0032). Unfortunately his clinic is closed from 4th Dec - 20th Dec 2011 (I'm not too sure on the last date) sigh he usually takes a long break in Dec, this is the second time I came and they were closed for about two weeks (the previous time was in 2010).

Our no 1 choice for kids doctor in Pasir Ris ; Dr Sim at Pasir Ris Baby and Child Clinic

Inside the child doctor's clinic

Pasir Ris Baby and Child is our first choice when our kids get sick as his clinic is not too crowded, he is fast, efficient and I like his informative and matter of fact answers whenever I have questions on how to take care of my kids. His clinic is also equipped with a baby changing room, breastfeeding room and is very cheerfully decorated with a slide and  a mini merry go round kids ride. His fees are a bit high though, I usually pay about $80 for consultation and medication per visit (Went to his clinic today; 17 Jan 2012 and paid only $56 for consultation, promethazine, bromhexine and eye drop). His clinic is also a baby bonus approved institution since somewhere in 2011 (as my previous visit was in Nov 2010 and they were not approved yet at that time). So, don't forget to bring your baby bonus ATM card, your IC and your kid's birth certificate if you plan to pay by OCBC or Standard Chartered baby bonus account.

Pasir Ris Baby and Child Clinic - slide

Pasir Ris Baby and Child Clinic - merry go round

Another kids doctor who surpasses Dr Sim's expertise (in my opinion) is Dr Ho from Tampines Baby and Child at Blk 828 Tampines St 81 #01-238 (Tel 6783 1955) If my child is still not well after visiting Dr Sim, I will take him to see Dr Ho. The reason being her Baby and Child clinic is always full and I have to wait a very long time to see her. If you go to the Baby and Child clinic at 9.30 am there's a good chance you will only finish at 1.30pm. Seating area are also very limited for the big crowd that's always there. Tampines Baby and Child is only good when your child is very sick (i.e. high fever) or is 1 month old as they let these cases go in first. 

Hamid Family Clinic- sign that you will see if you come from behind 
Hamid Family Clinic entrance - easily missed

Hamid Family Clinic's waiting area

Another doctor who is good with kids is Dr Hamid from Hamid Family Clinic and Surgery at Blk 156 Pasir Ris St 13 (Tel 6584 8804) He is a GP not a child doctor but handles a lot of kids cases and provides vaccinations too. Another plus point is that his clinic is a baby bonus approved institution, which means you can use the baby bonus account to pay for vaccinations taken at this clinic. His normal consultation fees are also cheap, for my child's visit today we paid $35 for both consultation and medication (4 kinds) The downside? The very long wait. It felt like slow death. Especially since we haven't eaten breakfast yet. There is no baby changing area. no nursing room, toilet is very basic and no nearby eateries within 5 mins walking distance. Nearest eatery is at Loyang Point (3 mins drive). I came in at 11.30 am, was given no 21 (no on call was 12) and only saw the doctor at 1.00pm and paid for medication at 1.30pm. This clinic is not for those that find waiting a torture. 

Hamid Family Clinic's little slide for the kids
Outdoor Playground at BLK 160