Friday, December 9, 2011

Singapore Lau Pa Sat - Not for the Locals

Today, my mom suggested going to Lao Pa Sat for lunch since it's been a long time we last ate there. So, to Lao Pa Sat we headed 3 adults and 3 small kids. We arrived there at around 2.00pm to avoid the lunch crowd. Maybe, we should have worried, there was no crowd. For muslims, the selection of halal food is really small. Maybe only 3-4 stalls are muslim owned and the majority of satay stalls open only from 7.00pm.

I wasn't really in the mood to eat satay but my small cousin wanted satay so we ordered some. We ordered 5 beef satay and 5 chicken satay with lontong that costed us $7.00. The gravy was fine but the satay was average to me. 

The satay that we ordered at Lao Pa Sat

If you go in the evening, try this stall instead - Jumain Satay

Mom ordered Nasi Sambal Goreng from the malay stall, it tasted flat and the potato didn't taste fresh. 

Nasi Sambal Goreng
Nasi Sambal Goreng from RNR Stall at Lao Pa Sat

Rojak and mee goreng mama was for the kids. Rojak's gravy was ok but again there are better rojak stalls in the suburban area. Mee goreng mama was also disappointing.

Singapore  Rojak at Lao Pa Sat

Mee Goreng Mama at Lau Pa Sat
Rojak and Mee Goreng from Mohamed Restaurant at Lau Pa Sat

Bathura from Komala Villas at Lau Pa Sat should taste better or so we thought. Hmm.. apparently not. I don't know whether it's only at Lau Pa Sat or whether Komala Villas' standard has dropped, but the bathura is definitely not the same bathura that I crave for when I am in KL wishing that I am in Singapore. 

Bathura with chickpeas gravy and lime, green chilli and raw onion

Komala Villas at Lau Pa Sat

If you are going to Lau Pa Sat for satay in the evening, I would suggest trying out Jumain Satay as their satay is quite nice. They sell frozen satay in supermarkets and also direct to customers for catering. My mom always order from them during the festive season when we have family gatherings. 

I am not sure about the non-halal food stalls or the satay that is only available in the evenings but for the halal offerings during the daytime, Lau Pa Sat surely disappoints. It is sad to think that Lau Pa Sat is promoted as a tourist attraction when the halal food doesn't even portray the best taste of halal food that is available in Singapore. 

White Coral Halal Seafood at Lau Pa Sat -   seafood was available at 2.00 pm but I was not in the mood for seafood, so can not elaborate on the taste.