Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Dentist in Singapore - Dr Lakshmi from Greenlife Dental

Greenlife Dental Clinic at Blk 14 Beach Road

After the kiddo's trip to the dentist, it's time for the mommy to go for her dental appointment. The last time I went was nearly one and a half years ago, way over the six months interval recommended by most dentist in Singapore.

I am really particular with dentist since I was small, I remember going to my mom's dentist somewhere in Serangoon and found the scaling and polishing so painful that I refused to go there again. Throughout my teenage years; I would insist on going to Raffles Dental Centre only as my father's workplace provides dental benefits. After no longer qualifying for the dental benefit under my father, it was time to find a dentist that is painless and cheap.

During lunch a few years back, I chanced upon Greenlife Dental at Blk 14 Beach Road and decided to give it a try. I was treated by Dr Lakshmi and the scaling and polishing went well without any painful sensation on my gums or teeth. Together with x-rays, I think it costed me around $100++. 

This time around, Dr Lakshmi was not around as she is only available on Wednesdays. A chinese lady dentist treated me instead. There are no x-rays and only scaling and polishing but there were some sharp sensation during the scaling, I guess either the chinese lady doctor is not as gentle as Dr Lakshmi or that my dental visit is too far apart that my tartar is too chunky. My dental appointment lasted less than 30 mins and this time around costed me only $60! Wow, I wasn't expecting it to be less than $80. Plus the dentist said that my dental hygiene is quite good so I can come back in 1 year time instead of 6 months. Yippee! 

I would say that Greenlife Dental is quite cheap compared to other dentist around the area. Their tooth whitening package also start from $250 (the take-home tooth whitening package) and the $800 for the  in-house tooth whitening whereas Raffles Dental take home tooth whitening package starts from $400++. 

I guess I'll be sticking with Greenlife Dental for a while.

Note: Picture of dental clinic exterior is not much but the interior is modern and nicely decorated and the toilet is also clean. 

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