Monday, December 5, 2011

Singapore-JB Taxi

If you are looking for a cheap and convenient way of travelling between Singapore and JB with luggage in tow or small kids, taking a Singapore-JB Taxi service is probably a good option. Though, you should know that not all Singapore registered taxis can enter Malaysia and vice versa.

One way of getting the Singapore-JB Taxi is to call the hotline +6562967054 and they will arrange for a driver to pick you up at your location in Singapore and drop you off at the Singapore-JB taxi terminal somewhere near Menara Landmark, Jalan Gereja. From there, you have to transfer to a Malaysia registered taxi to take you to other parts of Malaysia.

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But most of the time this Singapore-JB Taxi Service line is busy, so do call in advance and when you do get a driver, ask for his mobile number so that you can call him direct in future. A trip from Singapore-JB usually cost SGD50. 

The last time we wanted to use the Singapore-JB Taxi Service, we were quite pressed for time and all the drivers that we called up personally had either just entered JB, just returned from JB or did not want to go to JB on weekends. We had no choice but to go straight to Queen Street Bus Terminal to try our luck there. 

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At Queen St Bus Terminal, there were Singapore-registered taxis and Malaysian-registered taxis and you have to queue, so you can't really just pick which taxi you want to take. (There are also buses there that ply the Singapore-Johor route). I would prefer a Singapore registered taxi as they seats are roomier, the boot space is not taken up by the LNG tank and the aircon does not fail in case you are stuck in a horrid traffic jam on the causeway. (I am travelling with two small kids, therefor I carry a lot of luggage and my kids get cranky in a cramped and hot space) We got a Malaysian-registered taxi instead. So, hubby, myself and the two kids had to squeeze ourselves at the back seat as the front seat is used to put our luggage that couldn't fit in the boot. Halfway through the jam, the aircon stopped and my no 2 started screaming and the driver went "Oh, the car is getting hot" Imagine my horror, I kept praying that the battery will not go dead.

Singapore-Johor Taxi Service at Queen St Bus Terminal

Singapore - JB by taxi

My advice, if you are not travelling during peak period, it's ok to go straight to the Queen Street Bus Terminal. Otherwise, it's best to arrange with the Singapore-JB Taxi Service before hand so that at least the ride will be comfortable. Price wise, a Singapore-JB Taxi operating from Queen St Bus Terminal charges SGD10 per head (share with 3 other people) or SGD40 per ride while the Singapore JB Taxi Service charges SGD50 (drop off point is the same)