Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Royal India The Intermark KL

KL Fine Dining : Royal India at The Intermark KL - exterior

KL Fine Dining: Royal India at The Intermark KL- interior

Royal India Restaurant at The Intermark; Kuala Lumpur is a North Indian fine dining restaurant. Piqued by a review in The Star, stating that the spices are imported from overseas and mixed by the chef himself to give us an authentic North Indian Cuisine fit for the Maharajah, we decided to give it a try. 

As, with all fine dining restaurants in KL, we called up ahead to make reservations, turns out we didn't have to, aside from ours, only another table was occupied for lunch. 

We were very excited, being Indian cuisines fans that we are, our other Indian fine dining experience in KL just being "Spice of India" at KLCC Suria, where we were disappointed by the food and price. For the same kind of taste that they are offering at "Spice of India" I think "Namaste" at TTDI are more reasonably priced. 

Ok, back to Royal India Restaurant at The Intermark, hmm.. decor was tasteful and staff was very polite and attentive. I noticed that there is a private function room at the end and also another corner where you can draw the floor to ceiling curtains to give you privacy for a small private gathering. 

It was lunch and we were ravenous, but we didn't want to order too much as there are only the two of us, so we settled on Mutton Dum Bryani, 1 butter naan, 1 garlic naan, butter chicken and raita. Pappadums are complimentary. Of course, we couldn't help ordering Masala Tea to complete the meal. 

The Complimentary Pappadums
Royal India at The Intermark - Mango and Mint Dips

Pappadums was light and crispy , mango dip was delectable without being saccharine, but the mint dip wasn't outstanding.

Royal India - Dum Bryani

Royal India - Dum Bryani

Dum Bryani was aromatic and flavorful I would say but not overly. Delicious enough on it's own, but the tender mutton serving is a tad too little for a meat lover like me.

Royal India at The Intermark - Butter Naan
Royal India at The Intermark - Garlic Naan

Butter Naan and Garlic Naan was soft, among the better naans that I've tasted.

Royal India Restaurant - Butter Chicken
Butter chicken, so far it's the best Butter Chicken that we've had in KL (giving our very limited exposure to Indian fine dining here, maybe someone would like to recommend a better place for us to try?) It's creamy and not too spicy or  oily with the tender chicken chunks cut just the right size. 

Royal India Restaurant - Raita

Raita (yoghurt) was thick, not sourish with a hint of sweetness I would dare say, with the carrots and cucumber diced and not "invisible" like Spice of India's Cucumber Raita.

Royal India Restaurant - Masala Tea

Masala Tea came with milk but you can choose your desired level of sweetness by adding the sugar yourself. The Masala Spices are just a hint though.

I would say, if you are one who love fine dining in KL and don't mind to shell out a few hundred RM for a meal, then go all out and order their King Prawn Tandoori (priced at RM150) or Lobster Tandoori (priced at RM 190), needless to say, we are not that type haha..

It was a nice lunch, with nice company and ambience, food portion was just nice but I don't think that this will be our favorite Indian Restaurant in KL just yet. The search is still on! 

Oh, for those who are working around the area and prefer a more down to earth dining that is easier on the wallet, there's a foodcourt at The Intermark at LC if I'm not wrong called the International Food Hall, there's Subway, Porto Romano, Belanga and Hameed's among others. Eating area is quite large and it's not very crowded. 

I snapped a few pictures as per below:

Restoran Belanga at The Intermark KL

Hameed's at The Intermark KL
Porto Romano at The Intermark KL
Eating area at The International Food Hall at The Intermark KL