Sunday, November 20, 2011

Living in Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Well, time really flies. It's been nearly two years living in Villa Flora Condominium, from being 6 months pregnant and a mother of a 1 year old to a proud and beaming mother of 2 boys. It's been a lovely experience.

I love living in Taman Tun, Villa Flora is quite low density and if you are a stay at home mom, the swimming pools and playgrounds are virtually yours during the daytime. During weekends, we will escape the crowd by going to the playgorund behind the Iqra' building just opposite Villa Flora Condominium.

Minimarts and restaurants are within walking distance if you are not picky. Good restaurants are a drive away, you are spoilt for choice, Indian, Malay, Chinese and Western are all around the area. If you like some upscale dining, The Curve and One Utama is just a 10 mins drive.

There's also a park at Jalan Abang Haji Openg if your kids would like to run, monkeys are abundant in that area, which always excites my first born. The community center at Jalan Athinappan 1 also houses a library but I have yet to visit the place. 

Kindergarten and enrichment centres are abundant with the most prominent being Tadika Diyana, Smart Reader, Kumon, if you would like more choice, Mont Kiara is just a short drive away. Or try Damansara Perdana for Tweedlewinks  or Taska Dr Z (if you are looking for a daycare under 4's) it is tucked away at Desa Temuan behind Jalan PJU 8/7 (For the sake of my readers who seem to be interested in  Taska Dr Z, you can contact the lady administrator direct Ms Rokiah at +60129177455 for enquiries. This is the least I can do for the kind lady who will sometimes take in my small son when I have some urgent matters to attend to. The place is one of the best taska I've ever come across in Kuala Lumpur and the caregivers are all well-trained, you should check out this place yourself, though it's difficult to get a spot as those who comes in rarely change to another place until the end of their 4 years).

Security-wise, I find it quite safe, but since we have been living here for the past 2 years, there have been break ins at Villa Flora, I think about 4 times and the guards have been changed 3 times since then to counter act the break ins. Access cards have also been implemented. But, recently, while googling for the safety of our next intended residence, we decided to google for Taman Tun as well and was surprised at the results. Robbery at the nearby Secret Recipe and a maid killed at a landed residence nearby.. shudder.. who would have thought. I guess you still have to take precautions and don't be flashy.

I do dislike the fact that my unit faces the street that is lined with pubs as it gets really noisy during weekends nights and it irritates me the most when the big bikes or cars revv like nobody business. Please, I have small kids that are sleeping, don't you have other ways of flexing your masculinity? 

Taxis? hmm.. you can't really flag them by the street unless you don't mind waiting for a while. There was even one time when I ran to a taxi parking at a taxi stand just to be informed by the driver that he is parking there for his coffee break! What the.. !!! So, now we just call a cab and wait for their return call, this takes anywhere from 5 mins to 30 mins (yes you read that right 30 mins) for someone used to getting a cab within 3 mins of calling or at most 12 mins, it was really exasperating at first. Now, I'm just used to it.

When looking out for a unit to rent, it is important that your unit is on a floor where the other units are also occupied so that there is human traffic and the neighbours can keep a lookout for each other. If your unit is on a low rise, install door and window grilles. You might not like it, but safety is a priority, some robbers don't even blink an eye killing someone in their way. So, if your house is being broken into, it might even be better if you sleep through it. It might save your life. (errmm.. the last sentence is based on what people are saying)

Other than that, I am quite thankful that this area is not well known for drug addicts and gang fights. 

If you are lucky not to experience the negativity of living in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (like me), you will find it a great neighbourhood to live in with your family :)